Why Every Hiring Manager Should Trust a Recruiting Partner with Their Hiring in 2023

Why do companies really work with staffing agencies? If you’re looking for technology workers, there’s simply no better way to find talent. In 2023, the IT talent shortage will be far from over; predictions say by 2030, more than 85 million jobs will go unfilled. Korn Ferry calls it an $8.5 million shortage. So, why… Read More »

Considering a Remote IT job? Here Are 5 Tips to Make Your Home Office HIGHLY Productive

Your home office matters more than ever before when you’re a remote worker. That space can make or break your productivity; after all, there is the potential for all kinds of distractions when you work from home. You need your office space to enhance your productivity not distract from it. Ironically, having an empty room… Read More »

How to Develop Effective Work Relationships

Okay, developers, the days of hiding in your cubicle are over. Most IT job candidates understand the importance of working with a team to complete a complex software or hardware project. But sometimes, it’s hard to build these bridges between teams. So how can you develop effective work relationships, even if you’re working remotely? This… Read More »

What to Avoid When Hiring IT Talent

These days, finding IT talent is worse than finding a needle in a haystack, particularly for some jobs. Sometimes, it’s much worse. For example, you may think you’ll take on just about anything and anyone when looking at job candidates because you need people, and you needed them yesterday. But consider the effect of one… Read More »

How to Make Sure Your Virtual Meeting Runs Smoothly

Since the pandemic, we’ve learned to adapt to screen-to-screen communications, and it appears that Zoom or other types of virtual meetings are here to stay. However, some virtual meetings are better than others. We’ve all experienced that awkward virtual meeting where people talk over each other, the meeting that starts late and lacks an agenda,… Read More »

Want to Work in a Different Department? Here’s How to Tell Your Boss It’s Time to Transfer

Approaching your boss for a transfer can be difficult, especially if you’ve been working for the same person for a few years. Understandably, you’d want a change at some point. At the same time, you don’t want your boss to take your request personally and you don’t want to leave your team shorthanded. So, how… Read More »

Quarterly Newsletter – Issue #86

In today’s IT labor industry, demand is outnumbering supply more than it ever has. When supply is lower than demand, prices go higher regardless of industry, and the IT sector is no exception. On top of that, COVID has brought work-life flexibility to the forefront of the IT career conversation, whether it be for full-time or contract… Read More »

Naked & Afraid

A Survivor’s Tips for Avoiding the Latest Digital Scams scam /skam/ (def):   a dishonest scheme; a fraud. fraudster / frȯd-stər/ (def):  one who intentionally engages in deceit or trickery; a person who is not what he/she/they seem to be. An Unfortunate Reality:  The Rising Tide of Digital Scams in Today’s Inter-Connected World To this day… Read More »

Unhappy in Your Current Job? Here are Some Tips to Make That Job Work for You

If you have a sinking feeling when Monday comes around, you’re not alone. More than half of the American workforce say they are unhappy in their current job. This is one of the contributing factors in the Great Resignation, a six month period where more than 24 million people quit jobs. But is the grass… Read More »

Why Reactivating Your Tech Talent Pool is Your Recruiting Secret Weapon

How many resumes come into your company each day? Each week? Annually? These applicants comprise a pool of potential technical talent that you should continually mine for your organization. When was the last time you sifted through their resumes and spoke with some of these candidates? Is it possible there are hidden technology gems in… Read More »