Why Every Hiring Manager Should Trust a Recruiting Partner with Their Hiring in 2023

Why do companies really work with staffing agencies? If you’re looking for technology workers, there’s simply no better way to find talent. In 2023, the IT talent shortage will be far from over; predictions say by 2030, more than 85 million jobs will go unfilled. Korn Ferry calls it an $8.5 million shortage. So, why is it that staffing agencies can find talent while companies continue to struggle? Why should every hiring manager trust a recruiting partner with their 2023 hiring? We have answers you can’t miss if you want to find top talent in 2023.

Why Do Companies Use IT Staffing Firms?

Finding tech talent is a full-time job. Companies outsource IT staffing to recruiting firms to free up their time to focus on core business activities. Outsourcing is particularly important for smaller companies that may not have a dedicated recruiting staff. Too, smaller companies may not have the technologies and tools that staffing agencies have available to find experienced technology talent.

Staffing agencies focus most of their work on proactively sourcing IT candidates. Focusing on passive candidates is the only way to find IT talent. Experienced tech talent doesn’t really need to even apply for jobs today. Staffing agency recruiters come to them. It takes a proactive effort to reach these candidates, who may be open to a new job, but only if you find and build a relationship with them.

Some of the benefits of working with staffing agencies include:

  • Faster time to hire. IT recruiting firms spend years building networks of IT talent. When you call, they’re ready to get you the talent that you need. Since they’re not starting cold, but working with established talent networks, this speeds up the hiring process.
  • Greater efficiency for your HR team. In most companies, HR teams are pulled in many different directions. Taking recruiting out of their hands gives your HR team more time to focus on retaining the IT talent you already have or improving orientation for a better candidate experience.
  • Saving you time. Finding talent, reviewing resumes, interviewing, and more take an inordinate amount of time. An IT staffing agency can pre-vet candidates so that your team only speaks with the most qualified candidates who already meet the job requirements. It’s a much more efficient process when you can partner with IT experts to find the talent that you need.

Blackstone Talent Group would like to talk about helping your company find talent in the New Year. With the talent shortages looming, can you afford not to find a strategic partner with a proven track record of finding and hiring IT experts? Talk with our team about your options. We can help you meet your hiring goals.

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