Here’s How 5G Will Change the Tech World in 2021

Is 2021 the Year of 5G? The momentum of 5G was high at the beginning of 2020, but then COVID-19 hit which inevitably slowed the progress of building out the required 5G infrastructure.  However, despite the global setbacks the world experienced due to COVID-19, cell carriers offering 5G technology did continue to show resiliency in… Read More »

What to Look for in Your IT Candidates in 2021

While the rest of the world may be laying off workers, technologists are still highly in demand. 2021 looks to be potentially tumultuous from a jobs perspective—at least for the first quarter. The chances are high that hiring managers and recruiters will continue to fill any “purple squirrel” roles, while experienced IT candidates will likely be less willing to… Read More »

Updating Your Resume With Security Clearance

Disclosing your exact security clearance can be tricky. An employer may ask for your security clearance. However, some security clearance designations can be withdrawn if you disclose the wrong details. What should you do?! Here are some tips for how to disclose your security clearance designation without getting you into hot water. Disclosing Your Security… Read More »

Top Paying/Growing IT Jobs in 2021

The tech industry shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, there is a forecasted shortage of data engineers, programmers, and other types of technologists in the coming years. Thousands of IT jobs will likely go unfilled simply because there aren’t enough trained IT experts to fill them. So, what are the hot jobs for… Read More »

How to Stand Out as a Leader in IT

Having the right mix of professional skills in for a leadership career in today’s information technology space is not easy. But if your goal is to climb up the corporate ladder in the IT realm, you’ll need to exhibit a mix of hard and soft skills – in addition to your IT knowledge – to… Read More »

Upskilling Your Employees

Helping and guiding employees to constantly upgrade their technology skills has tremendous benefits to business in the long run. The pace of technology change has not slowed, even during COVID, and we currently have a huge skills gap in almost all industries. Upskilling and/or reskilling employees allows your company to stay current on the latest… Read More »

Important Skills for Software Developers

There are two types of skills developers need today and both are equally important. The first is hard skills, those language-specific qualifications that make the developer proficient in his or her chosen language. The second is the softer skills that help with communication and collaboration, two areas that are particularly important to software development these… Read More »

Programming Languages to Become Proficient in Before 2021

One of the best (or worst) parts of being a developer is that it is a constant learning process. Each year, new iterations of old core languages keep us on our toes, while new frameworks, libraries, and languages are being released that change how we go to work. As you might imagine, there are varying… Read More »

Is Your Company Culture Scaring Away Talent? This is How You Can Fix it.

Is your company culture causing candidates to walk away from the interview process? When was the last time you gave some thought as to what your company looks like from the outside? The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) says one in four workers report they have a feeling of dread when they think about their workplace.… Read More »