The Ultimate Resources to Level Up Your Career

You’ve been in your job for a while and might wonder if it’s time for a change. You’re unsure whether a new role or company is the answer. Finding a new job or career can be scary because you may have to start from scratch and re-establish yourself. There is an abundance of resources available… Read More »

6 Signs Top Talent Might be Leaving Soon

Unfortunately, the Great Resignation isn’t over yet. At least 40% of your workforce is leaning toward leaving you at any given time. In 2022, 47 million people quit their jobs in the United States. With 10.8 million open jobs last month, even with some highly publicized recent layoffs in the tech sector recently, your employees… Read More »

Decluttering Your Workspace: Start Your Day on the Right Foot

A cluttered desk can be a sign of a messy life. It’s true; Harvard Business Review says, “We lose precious work minutes every time we go searching for a lost paper on a cluttered desk.” Clutter wastes time and takes focus away from what’s important. This chaos adds stress and may make you less productive.… Read More »

Does it Look Bad to Switch Jobs After 6 Months?

Switching jobs after six months may be perceived differently based on the context. On the surface, it could raise questions for employers considering your candidacy for a job. Those questions could cover your commitment to taking their job—would it be more difficult to retain you for the long term? Any time you have a short… Read More »

5 Ways AI Can Improve Operational Efficiency

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – which is intelligence demonstrated by computers, as opposed to human or animal intelligence – is an emerging trend in the world today which is enhancing the way we live and work. There are several types of AI in use today. Google search is a prevalent example. Google search employs a complex… Read More »

Translating Military Skills to Civilian Careers

More than 200,000 military personnel leave their posts and return to civilian life each year. This transitional period is not without challenges. One of them is how to translate your military skills into a civilian job. How does this work, exactly? The University of Massachusetts Global suggests, “The great news for service members and veterans… Read More »

Is Network Engineer a Good Career Choice? And One Worth Considering?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says network engineering job opportunities will grow by about 3% through 2031. While this growth is slightly slower than the average for other occupations, the BLS says, “Despite limited employment growth, about 23,900 openings for network and computer system administrators are projected each year, on average, over the… Read More »

Should You Put Non-Degree Coursework on Your IT Resume?

A common question IT job candidates ask our recruiters is what they should list on their resumes. It’s a good question, especially when trying to stay succinct while listing all your skills. But what about the non-degree coursework you’ve taken? Should you even bother listing it? The answer is: It depends. Does Your Resume Need… Read More »

The Key to Holding a Successful 1-on-1 Meeting

Modern IT teams do more than gather requirements, write code, and deploy features. These teams are part of a complex collaboration to innovate and build cool tools, which means your soft skills are just as crucial as your coding ability. One of the biggest challenges IT experts sometimes face is handling one-on-one meetings with staff… Read More »

How to Lead with a “Yes and” Mindset…without Overpromising

Saying yes too often to too many projects can often lead you down the wrong path toward overcommitting and underdelivering. For a leader, bad form can frustrate your team and give you a bad reputation. How can you show eagerness to lead by accomplishing great things without overpromising? Let us introduce you to the Yes… Read More »