Look for These 4 Things on IT Candidate Resumes

Many HR teams don’t have technical skills, which makes it more difficult to screen technical candidates. It’s not only hard to find technology candidates, it’s even tougher to discern when candidates are the right ones to fit the job. Here are four signs you have a great candidate just by looking at their resume to… Read More »

What Exactly Does a Software Engineer Role Entail?

If you’re reading this blog, a software engineer had something to do with it. Software engineers are the architects of the computer languages that create the digital technologies you use every day. But what is it, exactly, that these professionals do? What skills do they need? What kinds of jobs do they hold? We have… Read More »

How to Improve Your Remote Company Culture

There is no rule that says your remote teams can’t enjoy workforce culture. In fact, remote teams have their own cultures, and, if you build them right, they will help you retain your workers and keep your teams engaged no matter where they work. Here’s how your remote teams can build a better culture to… Read More »

How to Find Your Niche in IT

There are dozens, hundreds, perhaps thousands of jobs in IT today. If you’re new to the field, that can make it incredibly hard to find the right fit for your mix of skills and interests. At the same time, the chances are high that you’ll find a job. But are you going to find the… Read More »

Resources to Stay Up-to-Date on Advancements in the IT Field

In the world of Big Tech, you stay current or get passed by people that do. Every technologist in the field knows that it’s ever-changing. Whether you’re a project manager or a programmer, a tester or a Cloud Engineer, most people know the only thing that you can count on is change. This means IT… Read More »

How to Limit the Risks of AI-Driven Hiring

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the science of creating “thinking” computers and it’s about to change how you conduct recruiting and hiring. Like any technology, there are pros and cons to using AI as part of your hiring workflows. What are the risks related to leveraging these sophisticated technologies and how can you avoid the pitfalls… Read More »

Tips for Successfully Onboarding Veterans

It’s easy to say, “Thank you for your service,” to a U.S. veteran. But we think companies should go much further and make it a priority to hire men and women who have contributed their time during military service. These candidates learn very unique skills during their time in the military and come out as… Read More »

Preparing for the Software-As-A-Service Trends in 2021

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has been disrupting the work world as we know it for more than a decade. SaaS applications are a part of almost every workflow, democratizing formerly expensive tools in a subscription model that even the smallest company can take advantage of. After all this time, you wouldn’t think the SaaS business model would… Read More »

Finding Cleared IT Jobs – Whether or Not You Have Clearance

It’s the chicken or the egg question: Should you seek an IT security clearance before or after you look for a job that requires it? Government agencies and private companies place a high value on these security designations, and the jobs pay well and offer unique challenges for technologists. However, all of them require security… Read More »

Here’s How 5G Will Change the Tech World in 2021

Is 2021 the Year of 5G? The momentum of 5G was high at the beginning of 2020, but then COVID-19 hit which inevitably slowed the progress of building out the required 5G infrastructure.  However, despite the global setbacks the world experienced due to COVID-19, cell carriers offering 5G technology did continue to show resiliency in… Read More »