The Key to Effective…and Shorter…Meetings

How many meetings do you have every day and every week where you feel like, at the end of it, you’re not sure what was accomplished? You’re not alone. Estimates show that we waste $37 billion a year on unproductive meetings. In fact, of the 55 million meetings that occur each week, 71% are considered… Read More »

Do IT Operations Professionals Need a Resume? Or Can Their Work Speak for Itself?

If you’re in IT operations, your work does speak for itself. If you’ve been working for a company and the product or service it’s promoting is doing well in the marketplace, you can usually thank an IT operations person. IT operations is the backbone of our digital services. Almost every company relies heavily on these… Read More »

The Biggest Challenges to Hiring IT Professionals as 2022 Continues…and How a Staffing Partner Can Help!

It will be no surprise when we tell you we’re facing a critical IT skill gap these days. The latest data shows 76% of IT decision makers say they can’t find the tech talent they need. That’s a 145% increase since 2016. On top of these shortages, there is increasing pressure to innovate our way… Read More »

How Might a Staffing Agency Reduce Your Time to Hire?

Everyone is hiring right now. CNBC is predicting 11 million unfilled jobs in 2022. You are keenly aware that every day passing with an empty seat on your team puts more pressure on your employees to do more. Given that 2021 was the Great Resignation, you know that the longer an open position runs, the… Read More »

Why You Should Give Continuous, Constructive Feedback…Instead of Simply Share Annual Reviews

An annual review is a deferred gratification. In today’s digital world, where information is at our fingertips with the touch of a button, making an employee wait for 12-months for professional feedback seems almost ridiculous. However, many companies still provide written and verbal feedback only once a year, despite the fact that 55% of employees… Read More »

How to Maximize Your Remote Team’s Productivity

Nine out of 10 companies plan on adopting partial work from home in the coming years. These hybrid work models are in addition to the 18% of professional jobs that were fully remote by the end of 2021. By 2022, that number will increase to 25%. These numbers illustrate the necessity of reevaluating your workflows… Read More »

Take Your Engineering Career to New Heights in 2022 With These Resources

It’s that time of year again. It’s the time when a lot of us set New Year’s Resolutions and take stock of our jobs, our income, and our life. This year we were helped along in this process by the Great Resignation, an unprecedented time where many employees switched careers or jumped jobs for better… Read More »

What Happens If I Am Denied Security Clearance?

Having a security clearance can give you access to jobs that simply aren’t available to the average candidate. So, pursuing these government designations is important from a career perspective. Unfortunately, these clearance documents are not quite as easy to get as you might have perceived them to be. Just under 10% of applicants are denied… Read More »

How to Help Your Team Members Pivot Their Career Within Your Company

You’ve heard about job pivots, and there are a lot of those going on right now during what is being referred to as the “Great Resignation.” It’s a strange time where not only are there unprecedented shortages in talent but also a high number of employees willing to leave their jobs to try something new.… Read More »

How To Properly (and Effectively) List Security Clearance on Your Resume

Just getting the security clearance was hard enough. Now that you have it, it’s time to flaunt it on your next resume. But listing a security clearance is a little different than just writing down the last few jobs you’ve had. What is the proper way to list your security clearance on a resume when… Read More »