Is the IT Job Market Really Tough to Break Into? Or Can You Find a Job with a Recent IT Degree?

You’ve probably heard that it’s hard to break into your first IT job straight out of college. Many employers seem to want years of experience in the field for the jobs they’re hiring for. However, you have one big thing riding in your favor: thousands of IT jobs in the coming years will be unfilled. There isn’t enough experienced tech talent to go around. That actually gives you an advantage as you’re breaking into IT. Too, more employers seem to be hiring junior level talent and training them to launch a successful career. With that said, we do have some tips for breaking into tech.  Follow these steps to increase your chances of landing your first tech position.

How to Increase Your Chances of Finding an IT Job Right Out of College

It’s not a myth that many companies want you to have a college degree to start your tech career. This requirement isn’t as prevalent as it used to be, but the fact that you did nail down a degree does give you a leg up over candidates who simply have certifications or are self-taught. So, you don’t have to have a college degree, but because you have one, you are more marketable.

The other myth is that you may be too old to start in IT. If you’ve gone back to school for an IT degree, that’s a good thing—no matter how old you are. People are pivoting into IT all the time. Marketing yourself around a career pivot tells a compelling story to potential employers. Use that to help get an employer’s attention.

You can increase your chances of landing your first IT job by researching some of the entry level positions out there. A recruiting firm like Blackstone Technology Group can help with competitive intel. You can also just start searching the job boards. Use your social media networks and ask around. As more companies begin to add apprenticeship programs, doors are more rapidly opening for new tech talent in the field.

As you’re looking, try to spot trends in these entry-level jobs. Are you missing any certifications that the jobs seem to ask for repeatedly? Do you need to add a few new credentials to your CV? Working in IT means you have a lifelong commitment to learning new things. That’s a huge plus for employers searching for innovative and curious IT workers.

How to Find Your First IT Job

The number one thing you can do right now to find a job in the tech world is to call Blackstone Talent Group. We would closely to match candidates to top employers. Our team is expert at talking you through the hiring process and connecting you to some of the best companies in the country. Our team understands the culture you’re considering and what soft skills the employer deems important. If you are a new college graduate, consider calling on the Blackstone Talent Group today. We can help you break into the tech field.

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