Three Books Every Tech Leader Should Read in 2023

Many leaders read books regularly to learn and improve themselves continuously. According to surveys and studies, successful leaders often have reading as a habit. A five-year study of more than 200 self-made millionaires found they don’t watch TV, but 86% say they read, and 63% say they listen to audiobooks on their morning commute. Simply… Read More »

What is it REALLY Like for Someone New to Their IT Career?

Information Technology offers a lucrative career for anyone considering breaking into the field. Tech talent is so highly in demand right now that many companies are willing to train anyone new to the field to make them job-ready. There are a variety of career paths available in IT, and if you’re good at the job,… Read More »

Do You NEED LinkedIn in IT? Can You Avoid It Altogether?

LinkedIn is unquestionably the top business networking platform in the world. This social site has more than 830 million members and continues growing. This makes the platform a favorite for recruiters seeking IT talent. But for experienced developers and others in the IT field, LinkedIn can feel a little like the Wild West, with job-toting… Read More »

Got BPA?

  Blackstone Talent Group’s CEO, Ken Hans, and Intellibuddies CRO, David Bortolin hosted a webinar in early March discussing key points such as: Digital trends across the industry The emergence of Rapid Digital Automation and what RDA is The steps Blackstone has and is taking to digitally adapt How Blackstone and Intellibuddies are collaborating to… Read More »

Why Every Leader Should Stop and Take a Look Back at How Far They’ve Come

Just like retrospectives are important after building a software product, looking back at your career is a great way to understand what you’ve learned. Looking back periodically is like restarting your computer; it gives you freshened perspectives. In leadership, reflecting on what you’ve learned is a kind of rite of passage that allows you to… Read More »

Three Lessons You Need to Hear if Changing Direction in Your IT Career

It seems like everyone is changing their jobs these days. It’s true the Great Resignation hit every industry, including IT. IT workers have options now, with many more jobs available than workers to fill them. Most of us are trying to find meaningful work, but many developers tell us they are also conscious of developing… Read More »

How Might an IT Recruiter Help You Keep Your IT Department Running Effectively?

Finding tech talent remains a top concern of the c-suite this year. 2022 was a historically significant year in the demand for IT talent. Despite some widely publicized high-profile layoffs, the truth is that the demand for tech resources remains high. With more than 8.9 million jobs in the U.S. tech sector alone, it’s unlikely… Read More »

Quarterly Newsletter – Issue #87

Working Remote in 2023? Here are a few more resources to help you stay productive from home.   The Key to Staying Productive and On-Track When Working from Home By: Marie Newman Today, if your job allows it, you’re probably working from home, according to Pew Research. About 60% of workers work remotely at least a… Read More »

Tips for Fostering Your Company Culture in Today’s Virtual Work Environment

  The COVID Effect COVID-19 dramatically changed the way the world works. In a matter of a few months, the pandemic forced millions of employees around the globe to leave their traditional office spaces, to remand themselves to home isolation, and to figure out to keep working their jobs in a 100% remote capacity in… Read More »

Is 2023 the Year You Take a Risk and Find a New Job?

Don’t let talk of a potential recession and news of job layoffs deter you from considering a new career path in IT. The industry remains robust, particularly if you have cybersecurity, big data, or AI skills. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a 35% increase in IT job growth by the decade’s end.… Read More »