Coping with Coronavirus

  Blackstone Talent Group’s CEO, Ken Hans, hosted a webinar in early November discussing pressing issues related to the global pandemic, the effects it has had on society, and how Blackstone and our clients are adapting our business to a world with COVID-19. Ken was joined by Panelists, Madison Onwuzu, Heather Arves, and myself (Michelle… Read More »

Programming Languages to Become Proficient in Before 2021

One of the best (or worst) parts of being a developer is that it is a constant learning process. Each year, new iterations of old core languages keep us on our toes, while new frameworks, libraries, and languages are being released that change how we go to work. As you might imagine, there are varying… Read More »

Is Your Company Culture Scaring Away Talent? This is How You Can Fix it.

Is your company culture causing candidates to walk away from the interview process? When was the last time you gave some thought as to what your company looks like from the outside? The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) says one in four workers report they have a feeling of dread when they think about their workplace.… Read More »

Blackstone Talent Group Rolls Out its Consultant Care Program to Enhance Support of Its Deployed Staff

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Blackstone Talent Group, a division of Blackstone Technology Group, is pleased to announce the rollout of its Consultant Care Program, or CCP, to its nationwide consulting team. Blackstone Talent Group specializes in providing clients the best IT talent in the industry and serves commercial, government and non-profit clients across the U.S. “In today’s… Read More »

Best Cybersecurity Certifications of 2020

Here are some of the top cybersecurity certifications you can get this year. While the COVID-19 fallout has been dominating the news for the past six months, hackers have been doing their best to ransack anything they can get their hands on in the digital world. From government-sponsored hacker threats to phishing scams targeting the… Read More »

Why You Can’t Find the Right Cleared Candidate

The truth is that finding the right cleared candidate is much harder than finding one with non-government security clearance. Finding a good IT tech candidate is difficult enough, but now add on security clearance requirements, and your search process becomes nearly impossible. Fortunately, Blackstone Talent Group has some experience in this area and can help… Read More »

10 Benefits of Taking a Remote IT Job

In 2018, Forbes predicted half of the global workforce would be working from home in the next few years and pre-COVID, we were  getting there. These days 42% of the American workforce is productive at home (pre-COVID). Video-conferencing technology, as well as other online software tools have allowed workers to conduct business from anywhere there’s… Read More »

Low Employee Morale? Here’s How You Can Turn It Around

Low employee morale can manifest in all kinds of ways, and if you don’t find a way to help workers regain their confidence and enthusiasm, it could spread throughout the company. Here’s how to detect and correct low employee morale. What is Low Employee Morale?  Morale is attributed to the feelings and emotions your workers have… Read More »

Master the Remote Onboarding Process with These Tips!

2020 will go down as one of the most “interesting” years for the American workforce. In March and April, millions of our workforce started a new experiment of working from home. About six months later, the experiment may have turned into more of a longitudinal study. As we move into the fall, hiring teams will likely… Read More »