The Most Valuable IT Certifications You Should Obtain

When you’re in the technology field, it can be hard to know which certifications to choose. That’s because technology is insanely complicated and the choices for classes to take and certifications to achieve are myriad. Choosing the right certification takes a crystal ball so you won’t end up with a useless piece of paper down… Read More »

The Key to Retaining Your Top Employees

In a 4% unemployment market, retaining your existing employees becomes more important than ever. The latest studies suggest companies lose $15,000 on every employee that walks out the door. Losing employees is both costly and difficult; even finding top talent in today’s competitive marketplace is a challenge Let’s look at how companies can work to… Read More »

Standing Out as a Developer Candidate

Becoming a developer is the new cool job in the U.S. today. People are flocking to a host of bootcamps and computer science courses, changing their majors, and learning new skills. Coding bootcamps are now a $240 million industry.  In 2018 they were credited with graduating 20,000 new developers and this year the number has increased. With so many bootcamps and training opportunities,… Read More »

How Does the Tight Labor Market Impact Your Business?

There are labor shortages in every sector. For more than a year, the number of open jobs has been higher than the volume of people looking for work. In January 2019, there were 7.6 million unfilled jobs but just 6.5 million people were looking for work. The shortages continue to heavily impact everything from technology to hospitality—and everything… Read More »

Leave Your Job Without Burning a Bridge

If a New Year job jump is on the horizon, the wisest course of action is to finesse how you leave. While you may have been very unhappy in your current position, there is still no reason to burn bridges. Exiting cleanly requires some effort, but here’s how to leave your job without drama and hard… Read More »

Delivering Holiday Hope at Urban Peak

The season of giving is here, and while we wish for good deeds as both individuals and as a company to permeate throughout the year, we like to give back especially around the holiday season. A few members of our Denver team donated time from their Monday morning to volunteer at Urban Peak, the only… Read More »

Quarterly Newsletter – Issue #83

Accelerating Results with Information Technology Watch this video to see what our talented professionals do with information technology for our clients across the U.S.  State of the Industry: 2019 Takeaways, 2020 Outlook Blackstone conducts both its own research and participates in several annual events in the resource service industry. Below are handpicked takeaways that we… Read More »

Are You an Effective Leader? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

The end of the year allows is a natural time to reflect on your leadership style. 2019 was a challenging year for recruiting new employees, and most leaders realize their approach to their job had an impact both on the organization’s ability to bring in new talent and keep them. Most polls show that employee engagement is… Read More »

How to List Contract Work on Your Tech Resume

Resumes are hard. Technology workers can be exposed to a variety of software and hardware combinations over the years, which can make a resume run too long. Today’s job market includes freelance and contract work, in addition to full-time roles. All of this can make a resume read poorly or make it overly complex. How… Read More »

What Makes a Successful Employee Evaluation?

Evaluating employees in the IT field can be difficult because the roles they perform are often so highly technical. New managers may not have the technical acumen to judge the quality of the skills the employee exhibited over the evaluation period. But there is also the human element to an evaluation that makes the process… Read More »