Career Advice for IT Professionals

Free career advice. Who doesn’t want it? If you’re looking to find a new career or just to improve your performance in your current position, we have some advice that could help you put the right foot forward. Whether you’re entry-level, mid-tier, or a senior in the IT field, we have some career tips that… Read More »

6 Ways to Streamline the Security Clearance Process

Knowing that you have to go through the security clearance process could make you groan in dread. In the past, security clearance was a laborious process that could not be streamlined or mitigated—you just had to go through it. But there are some things you can do to help your chances that you’ll pass your… Read More »

In-Demand Jobs for IT Professionals

IT jobs stayed hot even through the pandemic last year. Organizations in all industries are looking for tech talent this year, and this trend isn’t predicted to slow down anytime soon. If you’re thinking about getting into IT, now is the time. But what are the hottest jobs that you should set your sights on… Read More »

Top Benefits IT Candidates Want in a Job Offer

Those fickle IT candidates—what do they want? We know how hard it is to attract a skilled workforce to your organization. We also know how hard it is to even find the talent we need to fill some technology positions. There has to be a better way to do this. For many companies, the key… Read More »

To Attract and Retain the Right Tech Talent, You Should Take a Hard Look at Remote Work Flexibility

By evaluating our own client demand against our national candidate pipelines, it is no surprise to read industry statistics that suggest approximately two thirds of US organizations feel that their IT job openings are far outstripping their ability to fill them. And what does that equate to? In the midst of the world’s digital revolution,… Read More »

IT Operations vs IT Infrastructure: What is the Best Career Path for Me?

You may hear the phrase “I&O” in IT these days. Well, these are two sides of the coin that are different but are often lumped together. It’s understandable why these terms are paired: infrastructure compliments operations in the IT space, and both ensure service and applications delivery. However, these are two different areas of IT.… Read More »

Where to Find Top Jobs with Security Clearance

Most hiring teams would tell you that finding jobs that require security clearance is a lot easier than finding candidates who have that clearance. If you’re looking for a security clearance job, your best option is always a professional recruiter whose job is to represent you to employers. Recruiters represent their job candidates for free… Read More »

5 Jobs in Cloud Computing that Are on the Rise

The cloud has caused massive disruption to every business and individual in almost every country in the world. Over the past decade, we’ve seen cloud software change business models, workflows, and even the shape of industries all over the planet. From an employment perspective, the cloud has reshaped our job markets, changing the skills workers… Read More »

Cross-Training Employees: 3 Ways it Benefits Your Business

McDonald’s does it. Major retailers do it. Even Amazon does it. Cross-training is a strong business model for companies seeking to alleviate the risk that knowledge within a department is only shared by a few people. IT should take a page from these companies and make sure that teams are cross-trained whenever possible. What are… Read More »

Here’s Why You Should Never Take a Counteroffer

If you’ve taken the step to get your resume out, talk to recruiters, and interview, there has to be something wrong at your current job. You may be interested in higher income or a promotion or the work environment could be unhealthy. Maybe you just need a change of venue. Either way, you’ve made some… Read More »