Technology Challenges Solved

Blackstone was founded by IT solution specialists. Thus it’s no surprise that, through its national network of clients, over 83% of Blackstone’s demand today comes in the form of talent and solutions for the information technology space.

Helping Clients Navigate Digital Transformation

Blackstone continues to help our clients navigate their respective digital transformation journeys. While they take many shapes and sizes, in the end these journeys are helping our clients adapt to a more demanding society that is interconnected 24/7 and expects a higher level of access, transparency and service than ever before.

Some areas of expertise we provide for our clients:

Capability: Elevating our clients’ organizational maturity to deploy software more reliably and continuously.

Results: Accelerating time to market for new products and services while increasing quality of the products and services being delivered.

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Capability: Elevating our clients’ strength of its digital security policies, procedures and tools.

Results:  Accelerating the enablement of more robust resilient infrastructures that safeguards our clients’ critical digital information and systems from compromise.

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Capability: Elevating our clients’ infrastructure to enable more real-time and universal access to its data and information.

Results: Accelerating our clients’ digital reach while at the same time being able to cater to specific needs of customers, constituents, partners and employees alike.

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Capability: Elevating our clients maturity regarding its use of big data infrastructures.

Results: Accelerating understanding of its organization’s ability to support its mission, and better insight into how to improve.

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Capability: Elevating our clients’ organizational ability to more nimbly deliver new products and services.

Results: Accelerating our clients’ time to market from concept to reality.

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Capability: Elevating our clients’ capability to better reach its digitally savvy customers, constituents, partners and  employees.

Results: Accelerating presence, market reach, and satisfaction across our clients’ organizational value chain.

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