Why You Can’t Find the Right Cleared Candidate

The truth is that finding the right cleared candidate is much harder than finding one with non-government security clearance. Finding a good IT tech candidate is difficult enough, but now add on security clearance requirements, and your search process becomes nearly impossible. Fortunately, Blackstone Talent Group has some experience in this area and can help… Read More »

10 Benefits of Taking a Remote IT Job

In 2018, Forbes predicted half of the global workforce would be working from home in the next few years and pre-COVID, we were  getting there. These days 42% of the American workforce is productive at home (pre-COVID). Video-conferencing technology, as well as other online software tools have allowed workers to conduct business from anywhere there’s… Read More »

Low Employee Morale? Here’s How You Can Turn It Around

Low employee morale can manifest in all kinds of ways, and if you don’t find a way to help workers regain their confidence and enthusiasm, it could spread throughout the company. Here’s how to detect and correct low employee morale. What is Low Employee Morale?  Morale is attributed to the feelings and emotions your workers have… Read More »

Master the Remote Onboarding Process with These Tips!

2020 will go down as one of the most “interesting” years for the American workforce. In March and April, millions of our workforce started a new experiment of working from home. About six months later, the experiment may have turned into more of a longitudinal study. As we move into the fall, hiring teams will likely… Read More »

What Does It Mean When You Are Bored at Work?

By most accounts, 2020 has been an “interesting” year so far—although many of you would probably agree this isn’t the kind of interesting we’d like to repeat! COVID-19 has forced many workers to go fully remote, and for technology professionals, this may be good or bad, depending on your personality.  As we near the fourth quarter, many of… Read More »

How to Interview Creatives

There are tips and tricks to interviewing any job candidate, particularly if they have strong technical or creative skills. Sometimes they have both; UX or UI developers, for example. There are some tricks to interviewing the creative candidate that extend beyond the portfolio. Here’s how to interview creative talent in a way that benefits your… Read More »

Why You Should Pick Up When a Recruiter Calls

Have you avoided recruiters in the past? You might be missing out on some great opportunities. Today, candidates are hired more frequently from networking than just sending out an advertisement. Even if you’re happy in your current role, it’s important to continue building and working your social networks. The chances are high that you may… Read More »

5 Characteristics That Make Veterans Top Employees

In June 2020, the unemployment rate for veterans was at 8.8%. That is lower than the overall unemployment rate, but still, way too high when you consider the resources and experience a veteran of our country’s military service brings to the job. This article will look closely at five of the top skills and characteristics a veteran brings to the… Read More »

How to Ask for More Responsibility at Work

Are you bored at work? Do you long for a more significant challenge or a way to work yourself up the career chain into a more fulfilling position? We see this all the time in employees who have learned the ropes and are quietly longing for something more. They have a good job, but they… Read More »

How Does Finding a Cleared Candidate Differ From My Other Searches?

Finding the right candidate with clearance is much harder than searching for a candidate without clearance. Here’s why. You thought finding a technology candidate was hard. Trying to find a technology candidate with enough security clearance to work at the National Security Agency or Lockheed Martin. Most of the jobs with federal or private companies… Read More »