4 Tips for Managing Employees Who Are Older Than You

If you’re in management there are often situations that may feel awkward or require extra thought to determine the best course of action to handle it. One of these situations could be if you’re managing someone older. It’s a multigenerational workforce now, and millennials may find themselves managing older workers as they near retirement. These workers… Read More »

 Can Job Hopping Hurt My Chances of Getting Hired? 

The days of 20-years in an IT job and out for retirement are over. Job-jumping is in. Contracting is hot. The world has evolved and spending two-years or less in a job is a trend that is on the rise. However, sometimes too many jumps can make you look like a flight risk to a recruiter. How… Read More »

Spotting Exaggerations on a Resume

How do you know if a candidate is lying on a resume? Should you be suspicious about a perfect resume? How do you know the credentials listed are real? Here’s how to spot those little white lies and even the big fibs that are commonly found in that big pile of resumes you have on… Read More »

 Is Your Degree or Experience More Important in IT? 

Is it better to have a degree or real-life experience when you’re trying to land an IT job?  There is always debate in the technology community about which degree or certification is better to learn. That argument is as frequent as the debate about which language or framework is more popular and better to have on your resume.… Read More »

Benefits of Hiring IT Contractors 

Forbes reported late last year on a growing trend that was sweeping the nation; tech employers are hiring contractors over full-time employees. In 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 5.9 million workers in the U.S. were contract employees; that number has only increased. Another study showed the U.S. government is increasingly reliant on contract IT workers.   Why are… Read More »

How to Stay-Up-to-Date in an Ever-Changing Tech Climate

The one constant in technology today is that the tools change. Over the past decade, technology has evolved in literally every area. Today, if your skills aren’t current, you will be quickly out-of-date with modern tools. This can hurt your chances of advancing in your career or hamper your job search. Here’s how to stay on top of what’s new… Read More »

Who Pays for the Clearance Process?

Many IT jobs these days require a security clearance. It can be expensive; each step of the investigation to clear your name is extensive. If you’re considering an IT role that requires a security clearance, this article will help you understand the costs, processes, and who pays.  How Much Does an IT Security Clearance Cost?  A… Read More »

Using an Uncertain Job Market to Your Advantage as an IT Candidate

Up until the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a candidate’s market out there.  That’s still true for many technology candidates. Korn Ferry says that by 2030 there will be 85 million jobs that could go unfilled. It’s tough to know the long-range impact of the pandemic on the long-term economy and the job market, but in the technology sector, workers are still in demand and it’s possible that the… Read More »

IT Jargon You Will Hear Non-Stop This Year

When you talk about technology, there is one thing that is always true: Technology is ever-changing. From year to year, there are common words that crop up in the field; cloud, digital transformation, blockchain, ransomware—for a time, it seems like everyone is using those words. Technology buzzwords are thrown around each day in IT circles. It’s always a good idea… Read More »

The Technical Interview Guide

Whether you’re a junior or experienced developer, the technical interview can be scary. Since programming is about problem-solving, many of these tests look as much at your ability to troubleshoot under pressure as they do how you code. This article will help you get a handle on what to expect and how to prepare for the technical interview. … Read More »