How to Interview Creatives

There are tips and tricks to interviewing any job candidate, particularly if they have strong technical or creative skills. Sometimes they have both; UX or UI developers, for example. There are some tricks to interviewing the creative candidate that extend beyond the portfolio. Here’s how to interview creative talent in a way that benefits your… Read More »

Why You Should Pick Up When a Recruiter Calls

Have you avoided recruiters in the past? You might be missing out on some great opportunities. Today, candidates are hired more frequently from networking than just sending out an advertisement. Even if you’re happy in your current role, it’s important to continue building and working your social networks. The chances are high that you may… Read More »

5 Characteristics That Make Veterans Top Employees

In June 2020, the unemployment rate for veterans was at 8.8%. That is lower than the overall unemployment rate, but still, way too high when you consider the resources and experience a veteran of our country’s military service brings to the job. This article will look closely at five of the top skills and characteristics a veteran brings to the… Read More »

How to Ask for More Responsibility at Work

Are you bored at work? Do you long for a more significant challenge or a way to work yourself up the career chain into a more fulfilling position? We see this all the time in employees who have learned the ropes and are quietly longing for something more. They have a good job, but they… Read More »

How Does Finding a Cleared Candidate Differ From My Other Searches?

Finding the right candidate with clearance is much harder than searching for a candidate without clearance. Here’s why. You thought finding a technology candidate was hard. Trying to find a technology candidate with enough security clearance to work at the National Security Agency or Lockheed Martin. Most of the jobs with federal or private companies… Read More »

Why Blue Light Glasses Are Good for Your Eyes

The digital age has given us a lot of great benefits. But one of the things it’s also given most of us is eye strain. This has necessitated a new invention, called blue light glasses. What are they, and why are they helpful in reducing asthenopia (eye strain)? What brands offer the best blue light… Read More »

How a Tight Job Market Can Make You Lose a Candidate

It is important to keep up with a changing market, so you don’t lose out on the best candidates. Use these tips to help. At the beginning of 2020, the candidate market was brutal for recruiting teams. There were very few quality candidates that were not already working, so the hunt for solid talent was… Read More »

Halfway Point: 2020 Goal Review

We’re reaching the halfway mark on the year, and while the COVID-19 pandemic may have stymied your efforts to seek new employment or a promotion, that certainly isn’t always the case. The summer months, which signify the mid-point for 2020, is a good time to take stock of the goals you set for the New Year.… Read More »

Are Standing Desks Really That Great?

The companies that make standing desks say they provide all kinds of health benefits, such as reduced back pain, weight loss, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, better mental health, and even longer life. But how real are these claims? Let’s take a look at the popularity of standing desks and whether they’re as great as the… Read More »

What Is the Security Clearance Interview Process Like?

You have a lot riding on your security clearance interview. A new job or a promotion often hinges on securing and maintaining a security interview and the clearance necessary to access a high level of data and client access. Filling out the SF-86 was just the beginning of the security journey, now you’ve been asked to… Read More »