How Might an IT Recruiter Help You Keep Your IT Department Running Effectively?

Finding tech talent remains a top concern of the c-suite this year. 2022 was a historically significant year in the demand for IT talent. Despite some widely publicized high-profile layoffs, the truth is that the demand for tech resources remains high. With more than 8.9 million jobs in the U.S. tech sector alone, it’s unlikely even a few layoffs will significantly affect the demand for technology expertise. On the contrary, the need for tech workers is predicted to surpass an additional 100,000 jobs this year, despite a faltering economy.

Challenging times call for new partnerships to help meet your goals, and hiring is no exception to this business best practice. Most companies leverage third-party recruiting firms in the tech space to help fill talent gaps. But how can these partnerships keep your entire IT department running smoothly?

How Can an IT Recruiter Help your IT Department?

IT recruiters play an essential role in helping IT departments run smoothly by identifying and recruiting talented individuals to fill critical positions within the department. IT recruiters typically do this by working closely with hiring managers with the IT departments to identify the specific skills and qualifications needed for a given role. They then use a variety of recruiting techniques to attract more qualified applicants, such as:

  • Posting job listings online.
  • Reaching out to passive candidates via their social networks.
  • Networking and posting on social media.

Once the applicants have been screened, the IT recruiters work with hiring managers to schedule interviews and conduct initial candidate screenings. They’ll also help manage the offer and negotiation process to ensure that the best candidates are selected for the job and that they are properly compensated.

IT recruiters can also help IT departments run more smoothly by continuously being aware of the current market trends. This helps during the salary negotiation process by ensuring your hiring budget remains within the boundaries of average compensation for each position you hire. IT recruiters are also keenly aware of each candidate’s capabilities, which can help your department build a robust team to handle current and future projects.

IT recruiters can help ensure your onboarding process is running smoothly, so that new hires can quickly acclimate to their new roles and start making valuable contributions to the department right away.

Finally, IT recruiters can help you fill positions more quickly, which lessens the burdens felt by your existing IT staff. This has a hidden benefit of helping your organization retain your skilled workforce, which is a significant problem. Seven in 10 IT managers report that the Great Resignation resulted in a loss of organizational knowledge that slowed down access to information. If an IT recruiter can help create a better work environment for your overburdened tech teams, it will help in this area.

Ready for a New Partnership?

Blackstone Talent Group has the experience and the talent you need to improve your IT teams. Talk with us today about a partnership in the new year to help streamline the efficiency of your IT department. We can help.

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