The Biggest Challenges to Hiring IT Professionals as 2022 Continues…and How a Staffing Partner Can Help!

It will be no surprise when we tell you we’re facing a critical IT skill gap these days. The latest data shows 76% of IT decision makers say they can’t find the tech talent they need. That’s a 145% increase since 2016. On top of these shortages, there is increasing pressure to innovate our way toward digital transformation. We’re seeing these pressures force the IT employees that we do have to handle more responsibility than normal. Plus, the competition for IT talent means that organizations are paying top dollar to steal away the talent that you do eventually find. All of these challenges are all in a day’s work for most recruiters. What is the current state of the IT marketplace and how can a staffing agency help you overcome it?

What Are the Biggest Challenges to Finding IT Talent This Year?

The latest data shows that over one-half of IT hiring managers say they haven’t been able to fill at least one of their critical tech positions. Another 38% report they have three or more positions that they can’t seem to fill. IDC says this is going to cost us about $775 billion.

The United States has more than four times the number of job openings for tech talent with skills in machine learning and other AI knowledge than in India. For every tech job open in this area, there are only about eight candidates with the skills we need.

It’s worse in cybersecurity. According to Forbes, there are five qualified workers for every open role. And, while the U.S. has more than 571,000 data scientists out there, it has the largest number of vacancies posted for this specialty out of all countries including India.

Data & Storage Asean characterizes the current situation for hiring IT talent as:

“The pandemic has made things more difficult for companies when it comes to hiring new talent. For many, working remotely has highlighted the possibility of changing careers, and more workers are questioning their quality of life at work, choosing to leave their jobs in search of more purpose-driven and balanced work.”

That brings up the retention problem we have to contend with. The quote from Data & Storage Asean hints at our change in attitudes toward work that have led to record-smashing job jumping during the Great Resignation. When combined with the demand for IT talent, it makes for a tumultuous job market from an employer’s perspective.

But there is one thing you can do right now to mitigate the IT job market: Work with Blackstone Talent. We help employers find the IT talent they need. We extend your reach in a way that your current HR team simply doesn’t have time for. Talk with our team today to find out how we can provide you with a competitive advantage in your recruiting effort.

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