How Might a Staffing Agency Reduce Your Time to Hire?

Everyone is hiring right now. CNBC is predicting 11 million unfilled jobs in 2022. You are keenly aware that every day passing with an empty seat on your team puts more pressure on your employees to do more. Given that 2021 was the Great Resignation, you know that the longer an open position runs, the closer your overburdened existing staff may be to joining this trend. Yes, things are tough for hiring managers today. Here’s how a staffing agency can help reduce your time to hire.

Tips from a Staffing Agency on Cutting your Time to Hire

Hiring teams are under more pressure than ever to demonstrate their ROI. The market is evolving for almost every job category, but particularly for IT, engineering, healthcare, and other types of roles where the candidates are high level knowledge workers. It’s a big problem with one solution—you need help. That’s where a staffing agency can step in and reduce your time to hire.

Time to hire is one of those standard recruiting metrics tracking the number of days when the job candidate applies and when they accept the job offer. This varies by type of candidate, of course, with some c-suite roles running for years in our current market conditions. A recruiting firm can help you whittle down these numbers by, first, simply taking some of the work out of your hands.

Employers that hire these days rely heavily on passive candidates to fill open roles. Sourcing passive candidates is incredibly time-consuming and not something that most hiring managers or even internal HR teams have time to do. Establishing an organized process of sourcing passive candidates every day is exactly what will quickly fill your candidate pipeline and ultimately bring your time to hire numbers down.

Building a talent database is something that a staffing agency does every day. These days, probably just a handful of candidates are applying for your jobs. But there’s a hidden pool of candidates that might be willing to talk to you if you just had the time to proactively approach them. This process builds a talent pipeline and it’s something that a staffing agency team does every single day. That ready-made network can help you find and close more candidates more quickly.

A staffing agency can also improve your time to hire by driving a more efficient process. These recruiters push candidates through your process without sacrificing quality. Their goal is to streamline the interview process by coordinating meetings, follow-throughs, the offer, negotiation, and more. Having a dedicated resource to push candidates through faster, plus the effort to keep your candidate funnel full are two critical ways that a staffing firm can improve your time to hire.

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