Making a Difference in the Community at the 2019 AFCEA Cyberspace Symposium

A group of our Colorado Springs team members had the opportunity to volunteer for the 2019 AFCEA Cyberspace Symposium. The theme for this year’s event was “Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence”. The Symposium created a platform for industry and government workers to simultaneously solve the challenges of Cybersecurity, National Defense, and community cyber readiness. We heard… Read More »

Celebrating Women at the CWCC Top 25 Gala

Blackstone Talent Group was in full force to celebrate this year’s Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CWCC) Top 25 event. The event honors the Top 25 most powerful women in business in our Colorado communities. The Top 25 event not only celebrates each of the winner’s professional achievements, but also celebrates their personal journeys and… Read More »

Year Up: San Francisco Career Fair and Recruiter Panel

Our San Francisco team was given the opportunity to attend the Year Up: Bay Area Career Fair and Recruiter Panel on January 9th. Our team enjoyed talking with the Year Up Interns about our current open positions as well as their experiences in the Year Up program. Year Up’s mission is to close the Opportunity Divide… Read More »

Is Your Culture Attractive to Candidates?

Employers already know how much money is lost every time an employee leaves. The cost is higher now because it’s taking longer to find replacement employees in such a tight employment market. Why do employees leave? There are a host of reasons, but culture was identified as a big driver of employee turnover as far… Read More »

The Tight Labor Pool and Its Effect on You

How is a 4 percent unemployment market affecting your job search? While employers are grousing about the tight labor pool and talent wars are forcing companies to offer more to attract better candidates, how does today’s unprecedented low unemployment rate affect the job seeker? The Advantages of Low Unemployment The low unemployment rate in the… Read More »

Is Your Slow Interview Process Affecting Your Ability to Hire?

In a 4 percent unemployment market, companies with slow hiring processes will lose good candidates. The reality is we are experiencing the lowest unemployment we’ve seen in 17 years, and it’s driving a talent war in categories as diverse as retail workers to computer programmers. It’s not just millennials that have grown frustrated with outdated… Read More »

Skills Required for a DevOps Engineer

Just thinking about the title, “Development and Operations Engineer” (DevOps), you might recognize the position as a bridge between the creation and deployment of a complicated software product. TechTarget says, “A DevOps Engineer must know how to manage the IT infrastructure that’s needed to support software code in dedicated, multi-tenant or hybrid cloud environments.” Some… Read More »

How to Approach the Counter Offer the Right Way

Most people hate talking about money. This is especially true during the job interview process. Doing it wrong can stymie your chances for a new job. But it also can feel awkward talking about money with a hiring manager that is practically a stranger. We know that there are some good ways to conduct this… Read More »

Contract to Hire vs. Perm: Pros and Cons

There are all kinds of ways to work today. From freelancing or contract work, permanent placement, contract-to-hire, and more, it can be hard for a job candidate to sort out the benefits and drawbacks of each of these types of employment. Employers can be confused about which arrangement could benefit their organization. This article discusses… Read More »