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Accelerating Results with Information Technology

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State of the Industry: 2019 Takeaways, 2020 Outlook

Blackstone conducts both its own research and participates in several annual events in the resource service industry. Below are handpicked takeaways that we found may be of interest as we wind down 2019 and prepare to move into 2020.

Takeaway 1: Job Demand Continues to Outstrip Job Supply

In one pole taken by firms across the U.S., 73%* of them identified talent shortages as the number 1 challenge they faced. In another pole taken by U.S. firms, over 63%** of them identified ‘talent shortage’ as a top 3 strategic organizational risk.

* Source: StaffingHub Live!
** Source: Gartner

As the data shows, unemployment is at an all-time low in the history of the U.S. economy. Thus there currently continues to exist a fairly large disparity between the labor demands organizations have and the available talent to fill the jobs. Talented resources in the marketplace are continually being presented with job alternatives.

What Blackstone Recommends

When you see a resource you like, move quickly because, as we like to say, time is our #1 common enemy in today’s labor market.

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Takeaway 2: Organizations Must Become ‘Digitally Relevant’ to thrive in the Next Decade

Over the last decade we have not only seen Gen Y come full bore into the workforce, but are now seeing Generation Z coming into the workforce. These two generations in particular view the world as a 24/7 place, want fast and immediate response in all their interactions, and technology is so prevalent in their lives it’s almost like the air that they breathe.

The Generations that Makeup Today’s U.S. Workforce

What Blackstone Recommends

With these shifting demographics making up the majority of both the US’s customer base and labor pool, organizations today must not only be thinking about how they best deliver their products and services, but also how they attract and retain talent in the digital-enabled society within which we live and work.  Staying ‘digitally relevant’, having an eye on the future, and sharing a vision of where your organization is heading can quite often be the piece that inspires talented resources the most about wanting to join your team and support your organization’s mission (vs. taking another job with another employer).

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Takeaway 3: There is an Art to Finding Talent Today with Government Clearances

Approximately 80% of cleared professionals are passive candidates whom are gainfully employed and not actively job seeking*. As well, the total population of cleared professionals is down 30% since 2013. Thus it can be challenging for employers today who are seeking highly talented resources with active clearances.

*Source: Clearance Jobs Conference, DC, Oct 2019

What Blackstone Recommends

Selling your federal program’s mission to Blackstone can only help Blackstone better sell your job opportunity to a passive candidate.  As well, we’ve found good success when clients have extended additional benefits such as sign on bonuses, relocation assistance, and highly competitive benefits.  In the end we only recommend our clients offer what makes sense for them, but getting creative to land high-caliber cleared talent has helped our clients find more success than previously achieved.

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Takeaway 4: ‘Gig’ Work makes up 34% of the workforce and is predicted to grow further over the next decade

* Source: Collaboration in the Gig Economy Conference
How Blackstone can Help

Clients are more and more asking us for the flexibility of a total talent solution, in order to adapt to the evolving professional workplace landscape.  And we now offer both more traditional lines of business such as contract and direct placement services, but also a contract-to-hire services as well as full managed resource services (MRS). Learn more about MRS by clicking here.

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Takeaway 5: Avoid the White Noise

* Source: StaffingHub Live!
How Blackstone Can Help

With a 21 year track record, 96% contract completion rate, and 98% client retention rate, know that ‘what you see is what you get’ from Blackstone in terms of integrity, quality and commitment to your resource and solution needs.

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