Are You Making These 3 Common Job Search Mistakes?

You know the unemployment market is low and there are a plethora of technology jobs out there. But your protracted job search hasn’t yielded any results. You’re probably wondering if you’re doing something wrong. We’ve compiled a few of the most common job mistakes that we see holding back technology candidates from finding their next opportunity. Here’s our best advice for avoiding simple mistakes that are holding you back.  

Are You Networking? 

No matter what field you’re in, if you’re confining your job search to online resume submissions, you’re probably not getting very far. The most successful applicants know that building a supportive network will lead you to a job faster than blindly submitting online. You can use these supportive colleagues to help you revamp your resume or provide job-specific references. They can also introduce you to the right people in their company that may be hiring. You can also use this network to gain positive support when the job search feels daunting or frustrating.  

Are You Just Targeting Established Companies? 

The hiring process for enterprise organizations can be notoriously long. They also frequently have technology that is either legacy or in the process of upgrading to cloud or other, newer models. But in many areas of the country, there are start-up organizations that invite technology professionals to perform at their most innovative levels. Start thinking about the up and coming companies in your field, and you’ll probably come up with many of the most exciting (and disruptive) companies using technology in new ways. As you’re applying for possible new careers, don’t neglect these young upstarts in favor of more established brands. 

Do You Need to Work The Right Job? 

Make certain you highlight the right skills for the right position. Try to lean in toward the skills that make you great in a job, but also try to match your skills to the right position. Every job search should begin with a process of determining what you’re good at and what kinds of roles you’re qualified for. If you feel your job search has gone on too long, are you applying for the wrong kinds of roles that aren’t the right fit? 

Are You Using a Recruiter? 

For any job seeker, a recruiter is the best resource for top jobs. Recruiters are partnered with companies and serve as their extension in the hiring process. This means that a recruiter often has a good idea of the behind the scenes in a hiring process. Candidates seeking to work with an experienced technology recruiter should understand that the work they do is free; employers pay their fees. So, a recruiting firm like Blackstone can be an excellent resource whether you’re starting your search or have stalled out in the process. 

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