Take Your Engineering Career to New Heights in 2022 With These Resources

It’s that time of year again. It’s the time when a lot of us set New Year’s Resolutions and take stock of our jobs, our income, and our life. This year we were helped along in this process by the Great Resignation, an unprecedented time where many employees switched careers or jumped jobs for better… Read More »

What Happens If I Am Denied Security Clearance?

Having a security clearance can give you access to jobs that simply aren’t available to the average candidate. So, pursuing these government designations is important from a career perspective. Unfortunately, these clearance documents are not quite as easy to get as you might have perceived them to be. Just under 10% of applicants are denied… Read More »

3 Ways Recruiters Can Help You Find a Better Job

Job hunting is time-consuming and difficult. There are dozens of tasks associated with applying, but you probably feel like you’re tossing your resume down a bottomless well if you don’t hear anything back. Why aren’t you working with a recruiter? Recruiters are a free resource that can help you get that interview you’ve been trying… Read More »

Here’s Why Now is a Great Time to Get into the Engineering Field

If you want job security, check out software engineering. There are about a million unfilled software engineering positions right now with only 165,000 potential applicants. Gartner reports 63% of senior executives are quite worried about the shortage of qualified engineers to fill their open roles. Another 60% of CIOs say the skills shortage is making… Read More »

The Easiest Ways to Get Your Security Clearance Denied

If you’ve applied for a security clearance recently you know the reality of the process: It’s easier to get denied than it is to get approved. It’s the secret that a lot of security clearance candidates won’t tell you. This blog will help you understand the most common mistakes we see candidates making. Here’s what… Read More »

What a Common Career Path and Salary Expectations Look Like for an Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineers bring together people, machines, and materials to get the job done. What are the typical responsibilities of industrial engineers? What is the typical career path? This blog will help you understand the qualifications, salary, and credentialing needed to become an industrial engineer. What Does an Industrial Engineer Do? Industrial engineers have a varied… Read More »