3 Ways Recruiters Can Help You Find a Better Job

Job hunting is time-consuming and difficult. There are dozens of tasks associated with applying, but you probably feel like you’re tossing your resume down a bottomless well if you don’t hear anything back. Why aren’t you working with a recruiter? Recruiters are a free resource that can help you get that interview you’ve been trying for. But that’s not all, either. Find out the top three ways that a recruiter can help you make a better career move.

  1. Recruiters Can Save You Time
    Our guess is you spend a lot of time searching job boards and sending out applications. If you tailor your resume to each job (which we recommend), it takes even more time. Stop what you’re doing. A recruiter can help split the workload so that you work smarter with your new partner in your job search. Recruiters spend hours every day representing you to clients. They forward your resume and talk to top employers about your skills. It’s like you have a well-qualified assistant working for you for free. Recruiters know where the jobs are, and they’re skilled in matching you with the right fit.
  2. Recruiters Expand Your Network
    You may have a decent network of prior employers and coworkers, college connections, and friends. But that doesn’t match the network of even the most inexperienced recruiter at Blackstone Talent Group. Our teams spend hours every day building out their networks of job seekers and employers. Connecting with our team means you’ll naturally extend your reach to a wider network. If you’re applying for a job, you’re now different from dozens of other candidates looking for work. But if you have a networked recruiter in your corner, it elevates you to an entirely different place, giving you a much better chance to find the right fit for your next job.
  3. Recruiters Work with Candidates for Years
    If you’re working with a recruiter, your resume is dropped into a database. This ensures it will never disappear down the black hole of the job application process. As opportunities arise, you’ll get inquiries from “your” recruiter, as well as possibly other recruiters in the firm. After all, our goal is to get you hired. Having your resume in a recruiting database is the exact opposite of applying on a job board. Instead of getting lost in a crowded sea of applicants, your resume will be coded for specific keywords that will pop up when a new job opens. So, if the initial job doesn’t work out, don’t worry. Your resume won’t be discarded but will potentially attract new job offers just by existing in the database.

Working with a recruiting team like the experienced group at Blackstone Talent Group, will give you the edge you need to stand out to employers. Blackstone Talent Group is a completely free service for candidates. Give us a call today to set up a discussion about your career goals. We are here to help you find the best opportunity you’ve ever had in your career.

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