6 Ways to Thank Your Employees This Holiday Season Without Breaking the Bank

The holiday season is upon us and traditionally now is the time we reach out to employees to tell them how much we appreciate their great effort. We do this not only because the employee deserves it, but also because it motivates them to keep up the good work in the coming months. So, there are practical reasons for rewarding employees during the holidays, but regardless, it is simply the right thing to do. However, the question then becomes, “How much can I spend?” and “What will best show my appreciation?” Turns out you don’t have to break the bank to reward employees at all. Here are some suggestions that can help you this holiday season.

6+ Ideas for Employee Rewards This Year

  1. Customized recognition awards
    Small plaques for employees to put on their desks or walls, look equally good if they’re displayed at home or in the office. Having a physical award in front of you is a constant reminder that, yes, you do matter and your efforts are appreciated. If hosting a holiday party, this is a great time to distribute the awards and recognize employees in front of their coworkers.
  2. Buy employees a gym membership
    Nothing says you care about an employee’s health better than a gym membership. While this can seem expensive, most gyms will work out a great discount if you buy a corporate membership. Working out will boost employee morale, health, and energy, so this is one present that will keep giving back to your business.
  3. Lunch or dinner on us.
    You have all kinds of options here. You could have managers take teams out to lunch. You could have an owner take everyone out. You can even order in and have a holiday luncheon as a team. This gives everyone a chance to interact face-to-face where you can say thank you in person. Or, you could buy gift cards to a local restaurant or food delivery service that lets your team pick out their favorite place—or take it home if they’re more comfortable.
  4. Even a note can be sweet.
    A good old-fashioned Holiday card with a personal handwritten note from a supervisor can mean a lot to an employee that’s been working hard this year. We know it’s a small gesture, but it’s personalized and very sweet. You could even enclose a gift card to give them an extra special gesture.
  5. Flex hours will be greatly appreciated.
    Did you know 87% of working professionals say that job flexibility would lower their stress significantly. That flex time can go a long way toward building employee loyalty. It shows you understand the stress they’ve been under to balance child care, remote work, the pandemic crisis—and all the other things this crazy past year has brought us. Letting your employees leave a little early on a Friday or day before a holiday is one of those lower-cost benefits that could mean so much.
  6. Gas gift cards for commuters.
    This is a practical gift card that says “thanks for showing up.” This is especially true if they’re commuting to an office every day. A gas card lets them get free gas and you can load any amount you want onto the card.
  7. Company swag – bonus tip!
    Giving your teams company t-shirts, sweatshirts, or jackets is always a great idea because it will help market your company to others. You also can give them branded tech accessories, luggage, or other items. Giving branded company gifts will reinforce to your employees that they belong to something greater than themselves.

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