In-Demand Jobs for IT Professionals

IT jobs stayed hot even through the pandemic last year. Organizations in all industries are looking for tech talent this year, and this trend isn’t predicted to slow down anytime soon. If you’re thinking about getting into IT, now is the time. But what are the hottest jobs that you should set your sights on that will pay well and last a lifetime. We have answers.

Hot IT Jobs for 2021

Software Engineer remains a top job this year. There is a shortage of these professionals, so not only can you find a job in the field, if you have skills, employers will pay well for them. Software engineers write code in computer language. Which language depends on the application you’re working on. Given that software is the engine of the world these days, your skills could span across many industries in the coming years. These are typically six-figure jobs assuming you have three years or more experience in these roles.

A subset of the computer engineering profession is the UX Designer. UX stands for “user experience.” This job combines research with design. The goal of the UX Designer is to work on the front end of applications to make them more user-friendly. UX Designers leverage customer input to design all the buttons and swipes and clicks that you use to interact with a software application. UX Designers create user interfaces that avoid friction when using an IT product. These roles pay around $90,000 or higher annually depending upon your skills.

Data Engineering roles are growing increasingly in-demand. That’s because companies have been gathering data for two decades and now, they need people that actually know how to use all the knowledge we’ve captured. Data Engineers know how to slice and dice data and create visualizations that help the rest of us understand what we’re looking at. They also program data so it flows smoothly between applications. Data Engineers are increasingly part of corporate strategic initiatives to use the data to make actionable decisions. That makes these positions very high paying and well into the six figures.

You’ve probably heard of Product Managers. Today there are Product Managers that combine elements of the Project Manager role with marketing, software lifecycle and development, business strategy, and communications, to help guide a product to market. Product Managers are evangelists of a sort. They represent an application or a software product and do what’s necessary to build it into a successful tool. Product Managers make upwards of six figures, with the best ones making $125,000 or higher.

Finally, IT Security Engineers have the difficult job of keeping cloud and on-premise networks safe from encroachment. It’s a tough job because there are always hackers dead set on getting to the corporate data they’re trying to protect. IT Security Engineers must protect you company’s data from individual hackers, nation-state terrorism, and even hacker groups that can target your company. As a result, the demand for IT Security Engineers is high—and growing. As you also might imagine, these roles pay a hefty six-figure salary.

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