Top Benefits IT Candidates Want in a Job Offer

Those fickle IT candidates—what do they want? We know how hard it is to attract a skilled workforce to your organization. We also know how hard it is to even find the talent we need to fill some technology positions. There has to be a better way to do this. For many companies, the key to attracting technology talent is to figure out what benefits and perks the candidate wants. While salaries have less wiggle room, you might be able to stretch the offer if you only know what the candidate is looking for. We’ve studied the issue and have some tips that can help.

Best Benefits for IT Talent

These days, the top benefit to attract IT talent is to offer a flexible work arrangement that offers some or a total work-from-home option. One study showed eight of 10 engineers want options to work remotely and from an office. This makes some sense because the study also showed 86% of software engineers are now working entirely remote. IT workers say that they love the flexibility to work whenever they are most productive while avoiding wasted time spent commuting to the office. This means employers have a big job ahead to not only shift their focus to remain remote but also to build more collaborative teams focused on bringing people together to bridge the miles.

So, if companies focusing on offering more remote or hybrid work options as a major benefit to attract tech talent, are there other types of benefits we can tack on to increase the odds that the best candidates? The same study suggested that engineers are also looking for a home office stipend, internet, or a utilities add-on to sweeten the deal.

Another benefit relates to work/life balance. Many employers are worried they’re burning out their workforce with heavier workloads which are exacerbated by their inability to find the right talent to help lighten the load. The answer is to focus on wellness-related benefits like vacation, better healthcare with mental health benefits, or other programs to take better care of our IT talent. These internal programs can also work to help us bring on more people, which will in turn, come full circle to alleviate burnout in our IT teams.

One study showed that Gen Z candidates rank parental leave higher than many older colleagues. While many haven’t started families yet, they’re thinking about it, so employers offering family-focused benefits are a plus for IT staff.

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