Where to Find Top Jobs with Security Clearance

Most hiring teams would tell you that finding jobs that require security clearance is a lot easier than finding candidates who have that clearance. If you’re looking for a security clearance job, your best option is always a professional recruiter whose job is to represent you to employers. Recruiters represent their job candidates for free and they have insight into the culture and day-to-day work that you simply won’t pick up from a job board. With that said, we have a few resources for you to take a peek at if you’re looking for top security clearance jobs.

Resources for Finding Security Clearance Jobs

A good place to start are those cleared employment sites that you can find online. This can include:

  • ClearanceJobs is probably the best-known resource today for cleared candidates and is the industry leader. The problem is they have more than a million candidates, which makes it harder for your resume to stand out. However, many employers do look on that site, so get your resume out there. They have a robust job listing that will give you some ideas on the types of jobs available today.
  • ClearedJobs is another good job board for these types of jobs. However, you won’t find third-party contracted jobs on there, which are often some of the most lucrative in the field. This board is strictly for direct hire companies, which is a little limiting if you’re seeking to find out all of your options.
  •  ClearedCareers is one of the newer sites out there. It seems to be growing in popularity, but it does require you to register to access their jobs. As a resource for job candidates, we’d probably list this as our third choice.

Some companies also hold cleared job employment events. These job fairs are now often virtual, but they give you access to employers that actually sponsor the event. The problem with these events is that you are part of what we would call a “cattle call.” Like a job board, you are out there on your own and competing against other candidates vying for the same job you want. Your job is to sell yourself in a way that sets you apart. However, we should mention that there is an alternative.

Why not let a recruiter do all this leg work for you?

How a Recruiter Helps You Find a Clearance Job

We are always shocked to hear when job candidates fail to realize the benefit of a professional recruiting team to further their career. You can use a recruiter to help you improve your resume and hone your interview skills. These professionals are hired by top employers to find the best job candidates. That means their services to you are completely free.

Recruiters can connect you with employers that may not even have listed their open positions on their website yet. It gives you a competitive edge that can be hugely beneficial when you are competing for the best security clearance jobs. A recruiter will get to know you and pitch your skills to employers; something that most candidates really don’t want to do. Let us help you get your foot in the door for the best security clearance jobs. Contact Blackstone Talent Group today and get to know us.

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