5 Jobs in Cloud Computing that Are on the Rise

The cloud has caused massive disruption to every business and individual in almost every country in the world. Over the past decade, we’ve seen cloud software change business models, workflows, and even the shape of industries all over the planet. From an employment perspective, the cloud has reshaped our job markets, changing the skills workers need to succeed while creating entirely new career paths within the framework of cloud computing models. What are the top jobs in cloud computing today? We have the top five that technologists say will be the rising stars in the years to come.

Top 5 Cloud Computing Jobs

As a business line, cloud services will hit the $300 million mark this year. It seems clear that these service businesses are really beginning to make their mark. As the cloud steadily overtakes the business market, the number of jobs in this field will also steadily increase. Employers interested in workers with cloud computing skills are already high—and growing higher. What jobs are hot these days if you’re interested in cloud computing jobs.

  1. Software Engineers are always hot jobs, but if you have cloud skills over legacy on-premise applications, you will continue to be a hot ticket for most employers. Cloud software engineers are responsible for the creation and development of distributed software that integrates with cloud service providers. They work on all kinds of cloud-based tools, usually in an Agile environment.
  2. DevOps is a hybrid role between developers and system administrators. These professionals have a mix of software engineering skills and hardware infrastructure experience. They can do everything from setting up Docker containers for a development environment to troubleshooting database issues. They have great release management skills and are excellent troubleshooters.
  3. Backend Web Developers handle server-side web application logic and integration with frontend software engineer code. These cloud professionals play a critical role in making sure application program interfaces (APIs) bring together disparate systems and that data flows securely between applications. It’s an important role that brings together the functionality of the multiple business tools that we use in the cloud every day.
  4. Data Scientists collate, clean, and extract meaning from the data that businesses collect every day from the cloud. These professionals are increasingly important because we’ve spent a decade collecting information and now companies know they must begin to gain some value from the data they have at their fingertips. Increasingly you hear the phrase “data-driven decision-making” in business circles. At the heart of this movement lies a cloud data scientist to make sense of our real-time information.
  5. Software Architects build cloud infrastructures. They work with software engineers to develop cloud solutions that solve business problems. Their goal is to create end-to-end networks that are securely accessible to all end-users. That’s a huge challenge when you consider all of the points where we access our business infrastructures.

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