Interested in Becoming a DevOps Engineer? Check Out the Job Outlook!

Let’s cut right to the chase: If you’re considering a career in DevOps, now is the time to do it. DevOps stands for development operations, and it is one of the hottest new developer jobs on the market today, even though the career path began around 2006. What do DevOps Engineers do? What kinds of salary expectations do they have? What does the future look for this subset of the programming profession? We have the answers to these and more.

Understanding DevOps

The DevOps Engineer often serves as the connector between traditional IT (think servers in a storage closet) and digital technology (think apps, iPhones, and the cloud). The DevOps Engineer works to deploy software and bridge any gaps between operations and software development.

Software and digital technologies are extremely complicated but it’s DevOps that can unsnarl the complexity so that all the siloed pieces of software engineering work smoothly together. To accomplish this, DevOps Engineers take on a variety of tasks every day, but their primary goal is to troubleshoot software and hardware so it works really well together. Some of the tasks they’ll take on include:

  • Coding and writing scripts to customize and patch software.
  • Provisioning IT hardware.
  • Monitoring the performance of software applications.
  • Improving the security of software for end-users.
  • Connecting code libraries, databases, software, or other tools together so they function more effectively.
  • Creating strategies that make IT more efficient.
  • Troubleshooting something that’s broken.
  • Automating functions to improve efficiency.
  • Maintaining documentation of digital software projects.
  • Working with product managers, engineers, department heads, and more to streamline digital services for end-users

DevOps Engineers have an extremely interesting and varying job and much of their work has to do with troubleshooting problems that crop up. That’s what makes these multi-faceted professionals so in-demand.

The best DevOps Engineers have some coding skills and the intuitive ability to figure out how to make things work together. They have excellent technical skills, are good with people, organized, independent, and can handle the pressure. Above all, they must have the flexibility and be able to go with the flow. Start your DevOps career by calling the talent team at Blackstone today.

Job Outlook for DevOps

According to, DevOps Engineers make an average of $91,293 annually. These professionals, already in such high demand, are going to be harder to find and compete for in the future; demand is expected to increase by 24% between now and 2026.

To land a DevOps Engineer position, you must have at minimum a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science. Having a background in engineering, testing, and coding is important. Some of the programs you need to succeed include:

  • JavaScript
  • Linux
  • Python
  • AWS
  • Unix Systems
  • API Management
  • API web, and more.

The growth in DevOps jobs, in general, is much faster than other occupations.

If you are a developer interested in DevOps, talk with the team at Blackstone. We know that employers are looking for aptitude as much as experience, so if you have a knack for troubleshooting software and hardware problems, great interpersonal skills, and patience this is a role that you should consider.

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