What are Engineers Looking for in a Company?

We already know the labor pool is tight, but when it comes to engineers, these professionals are some of the most sought-after in the entire world. That makes finding experienced engineers a challenging process for employers who are likely competing against a number of other companies in all kinds of fields. What should your firm do to attract these candidates? What are engineers looking for when they consider your company?

Why Do Engineers Job Hunt?

Reverse engineering is a skill that most engineers master early in their professional careers. Let’s reverse engineer the question of what would attract these professionals to your company and figure out, instead, what would make them leave a job in the first place.

Engineering jobs are very stable and well-paying, so understanding why anyone would leave for the uncertainty of the job hunt is crucial to figuring out if your company is doing what it takes to attract candidates. Why would an engineer consider a job jump?

  • They’ve stopped learning. Any job can grow stale over time, but knowledge workers are particularly vulnerable to frustration when their work gets old. The question for employers trying to attract these candidates is what are the opportunities for growth at your company? Is there a variety of challenges that will teach these workers new skills? Do you have a culture of passionate engagement, where the mission is just as important as the margin? Do your employees feel like they are contributing to the greater good when they arrive and do the work you’re paying them for? Companies that can fulfill these needs and can share that story with engineering candidates will be more likely to succeed in attracting them.
  • A lack of job flexibility and low pay that hasn’t kept up with market competitiveness. Are your benefits the best you can possibly offer? There are many open roles on the market today, so in addition to having the most engaging type of work, the pay and benefits structure should be highly competitive. Beyond a competitive pay model, are there bonuses attached to work efficiencies? Are benefits like healthcare as low-cost as possible? Does your firm offer comp time or a liberal vacation policy or profit sharing? These offerings will help your firm stand out and they are something that is critical to attracting new talent, no matter their skill set.
  • No upward mobility; they’ve reached the end of the line. This issue dovetails on a lack of learning on the job. Intelligent people love challenges and can simply get bored. Having a career track for a new engineer that will lead them to run a project or have a seat at a leadership table will help you snare the candidate with upward mobility ambitions. These candidates are the brightest of lights that are highly desirable to most firms. However, if you fail to nurture these ambitions by providing a way to move up, you will not attract these devoted and motivated workers.

If your company is searching for a few good engineers, talk with Blackstone about how we can develop a partnership to attract the best and brightest in the industry. Call today to find out more.

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