Quarterly Newsletter – Issue #81

Meet the New Blackstone Talent Group

20 Years in Business, with a Fresh New Look

Blackstone Labor Market Analysis

**Represents the top 85% of all Blackstone Client Demand Nationally.

*Based on Blackstone Research Department’s 27-month analysis of client demand and fulfillment from 1/1/2017 – 3/31/2019.


Industry Articles


How Many Candidates Are Enough to Decide Your Next Steps?
Justin Watson

When is enough, enough? In the search for good talent in a tight job market, how will you know your candidate funnel is full enough? When is it time to stop taking new resumes, concentrate on interviewing and hopefully, negotiate an offer?

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Steps You Need to Take to Become a Scrum Master
Ken Hans

Agile is a methodology for organizing large projects, particularly in the technology field. An agile project embodies flexibility and innovation while applying “a level of pragmatism into the delivery of a finished project.” Agile is particularly suited for software development, where many small pieces come together to create one digital product.

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Attended Events

Celebrating Women at the CWCC Top 25 Gala
Denver, CO

Researchers found that in the Top 25 companies in the United States surveyed, median returns on assets and equity in 2015 were at least 74% higher in companies that have strong female representation than among the overall group of companies surveyed.

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Making a Difference in the Community at the 2019 AFCEA Cyberspace Symposium
Colorado Springs, CO

We had the opportunity to volunteer for the 2019 AFCEA Cyberspace Symposium. The event created a platform for industry and government workers to simultaneously solve the challenges of Cybersecurity, National Defense, and community cyber readiness.

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