Celebrating Women at the CWCC Top 25 Gala

Blackstone Talent Group was in full force to celebrate this year’s Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CWCC) Top 25 event. The event honors the Top 25 most powerful women in business in our Colorado communities.

The Top 25 event not only celebrates each of the winner’s professional achievements, but also celebrates their personal journeys and the adversities they have all faced and overcome.

Every women who was honored shared her story and each journey was unique, and uniquely inspiring.

The event’s platform also recognizes companies who have a high percentage of women in leadership positions, which in turn, are helping their businesses to thrive in unprecedented ways.

Research shows that there is absolutely a direct effect and correlation between companies that have the highest percentage of women execs and board members versus those that do not. Researchers found that in the Top 25 companies in the United States surveyed, median returns on assets and equity in 2015 were at least 74% higher in companies that have strong female representation than among the overall group of companies surveyed.

The CWCC and Blackstone are committed to continuing to drive awareness among companies, business leaders and policy makers to take meaningful action toward greater female representation. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s good for business. And that is what we call, a Win-Win.

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