What to Avoid When Hiring IT Talent

These days, finding IT talent, particularly for some jobs, is worse than a needle in a haystack. Sometimes, it’s much worse. You may think you’ll take on just about anything and anyone when looking at job candidates. You need people and you need them yesterday. But consider the effect of one bad hire on the… Read More »

What is Good Company Culture and Why is it So Important?

With so many jobs in IT right now, your tech staff can afford to be picky about the company culture they’re stepping into. But even in times where jobs are scarce, company culture matters. Nearly 50% of employees in all sectors today say that company culture matters when picking a new job; 86% say they’ll… Read More »

How to Make Sure Your Virtual Meeting Runs Smoothly

Far from being a one-time phenomenon, Zoom or other types of virtual meetings appear to be here to stay. Since the pandemic, we’ve learned to adapt to screen-to-screen communications. However, some virtual meetings are better than others. We’re sure you’ve experienced awkward virtual meetings where people talk over each other. Or the meetings that start… Read More »