Quarterly Newsletter – Issue #86

In today’s IT labor industry, demand is outnumbering supply more than it ever has. When supply is lower than demand, prices go higher regardless of industry, and the IT sector is no exception. On top of that, COVID has brought work-life flexibility to the forefront of the IT career conversation, whether it be for full-time or contract “gig” projects. So what can you do to not only attract today’s hot IT talent but also be best equipped to win the war against the other organizations competing for the same IT talent? Here are some high-level tips that some of our clients are using to win:

Tip 1: Tighten Up Your Internal Hiring Practices
Tip 2: Be willing to Flex on Your Historical Salary Bands and Hourly Rate Ranges
Tip 3: Avoid the “Perfect” Candidate Trap
Tip 4: Challenge Your Culture to Allow for Flexibility in Work/Life Balance

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How To Grow Your Workforce

Posted on September 9, 2022 by Ken Hans

An Unfortunate Reality: The Rising Tide of Digital Scams in Today’s Inter-Connected World

To this day it never ceases to amaze me how many people on this earth professionally dedicate themselves to the business of fraud.  Whether it is their full-time job or simply a “side hustle”, the sad fact of the matter is that there are millions of people who have taken up the vocation of being a Fraudster: someone who generates personal income by stealing other people’s money through scams.

At what point did these peoples’ lives go so far off course?  I don’t know. But no matter, these Fraudsters are out there working – harder than ever these days – to prey on the weak and/or unaware and scam them for their own financial benefit.

I’ve been the target and victim of such scams, which have ranged over the years from email-based to phone-based to online account hacking.  At each turn I have been fortunate enough to avoid them – sometimes very, very narrowly – which has helped me better identify them. And after hearing numerous stories of many a good-hearted person whom has been a victim of these types of scams – which led to fiscal and/or health-related hardship a direct result of being defrauded – I’ve personally begun to try and share what I’ve learned to help people avoid these types of scams when and where they can.

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Expanding Digital Reach as part of Our Going Green Initiative

Blackstone Technology Group, a technology services and solutions firm, is pleased to announce its Talent Group division’s digital expansion across its entire contract footprint – to both increase its efficiency in serving its clients and further its mission to conduct business with a higher level of ecological responsibility. Below are some of the environment savings we have been able to realize – across wood, water, carbon and waste – through the digitization of our documents with our vendor DocuSign:

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