Why Reactivating Your Tech Talent Pool is Your Recruiting Secret Weapon

How many resumes come into your company each day? Each week? Annually? These applicants comprise a pool of potential technical talent that you should continually mine for your organization. When was the last time you sifted through their resumes and spoke with some of these candidates? Is it possible there are hidden technology gems in your talent acquisition database? Here’s how to reactivate the overlooked store of technical talent that may be right under your nose.

What is a Talent Pool?

At its most basic, a talent pool is a database of candidates. These are usually potential workers who have expressed interest in working for your organization in response to a specific job posting.

Mining the Talent Pool for Cultural Fit Candidates Who May Not Yet Had the Specific Skills You Need

A potential hidden talent pool lies within the resume database that is sitting on your server, yet most companies fail to keep in touch with these candidates after disqualifying them for the role they originally applied for, even if they were a cultural fit.   We believe that is a mistake. Here’s how to correct it.

Your hiring teams should interview applicants to your company for both their current skills and their cultural fit. Record this information in your candidate database and flag applicants who don’t have enough skill—yet—but are good cultural fits. Then, train your hiring teams to stay in touch with those candidates, because in the technology field developers and other IT job seekers are constantly learning and growing their skillsets.  It’s a huge part of the job, so the developer candidate you skipped over last year will likely have a vastly different set of skills six months to a year later. Just because someone might not be a great fit today doesn’t mean they won’t be in a year or two. That’s the strength of building a talent pool: these candidates you invest a relationship in now could pay off down the road, for both them and your organization.

Engage Blackstone Talent for a Better Talent Pool

At Blackstone Talent Group, we’ve been building our candidate pool for over 20 years. We engage candidates and work with them for the long haul to ensure they find the right fit with the right organization. Reach out and talk with us today about how we can apply our robust talent pool to improve your time to hire.

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