4 Tips to Attract and Retain Talented Women to Tech Jobs

Every Recruiter knows that finding tech talent is even more difficult than locating the proverbial needle in a haystack these days. But if you add in the criterion that you’re looking for a female candidate, you might as well throw in the towel. Or should you? We’ve found that there is a way to attract more women to your technology jobs—and we’re sharing some secrets of the trade for you right here in this blog.

  1. Is your job description gender-biased?

To attract more women to your tech jobs, start by looking with a careful eye at your job postings. Are they making some assumptions about the gender of the person applying? Start by removing “rock star” and “guru” from your posting. We understand you’re trying to convey how cool your culture is, but these phrases, along with “dominant” and “competitive” when describing your business environment may turn a lot of women technologists off. Tools like The Gender Decoder can help you create a gender-neutral ad. You should also include a diversity statement in your advertisement to let candidates—all candidates—know where you stand on hiring.

  1. Are you addressing hidden gender bias in the hiring process?

Take a look at where you’re sourcing from. Are you hiring from a diverse set of resources? Are you using software that obscures details like the name or other nuances that would reveal gender details? Train your hiring teams to weed out hidden biases and staff your hiring committees with a diverse mix of people that will make all candidates feel welcome.

  1. How inclusive is your employer brand?

Employers are being evaluated today for their values and culture. If you’re not promoting women into leadership positions or if you are not sending women out front to represent your company at conferences and events, other women in the IT field will take note and potentially shy away. You could also promote female mentorship or other areas that matter to women such as having strong parental leave policies. Ask yourselves whether you have implicit cultural norms that limit your inclusiveness to certain types of candidates.

  1. Are you developing women-centered programs to support internal female workers and new hires?

Establishing a strong mentorship program for the women on your team is a good first step. The women you have already hired should be willing to take on mentorship with new hires. Evaluate the kind of advancement opportunities you have available for women. You can also network with external resources that champion more women in technology positions.

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