Career Advice for IT Professionals

Free career advice. Who doesn’t want it? If you’re looking to find a new career or just to improve your performance in your current position, we have some advice that could help you put the right foot forward. Whether you’re entry-level, mid-tier, or a senior in the IT field, we have some career tips that could help.

Tips for IT Professionals

Have a Learning Mindset

The first tip is a simple one: Never stop learning. Cultivating an always learning mindset is a necessity in a field that is constantly evolving. If you’re not careful, you will look up from your computer and find that the world has passed you by. Catching up is harder than just staying on top of industry trends as you go along in your career. If you find that your current job fosters an environment that is something less than one that focuses on learning new things, the reality is that you will rapidly fall behind people in the field that probably have less experience, in terms of the number of years in the professional. The last thing you want is to be in the field for five or 10-years and have a junior IT professional, with less experience in the field, actually know more than you do.

Learn the Business Side of IT

Keeping up with technology and learning new things isn’t enough, either. You should also expand your knowledge so that you understand more about the business aspect of the IT field. Today, for most companies, IT is business and vice versa. You must focus your attention on how the organization functions from a business perspective—or run the risk that you’re falling behind. This is especially true if you’re considering moving up the ladder in your organization. If you’re managing people or working your way into a more strategic position, you must be prepared to learn more about the business itself.

Consider Branching Out to Cybersecurity

One of the most in-demand skills we’ve seen in the IT field today is the security professionals that keep computer networks a little safer. Today, hackers threaten every business, no matter how small, and in every industry. It’s not just individual bad actors, either, but nation-state-sponsored cyberterrorists and even rogue hacker groups who are going after your employee log-ins and your data. That’s exactly why any cybersecurity expertise you have will be greatly appreciated by employers. Cybersecurity experts have great job security and make great money. They also get to stay on top of the latest technology. It’s a great role that combines software engineering with strategy and communication with people.

Work on Communication

Speaking of communication, IT professionals today need these skills as much as they need programming acumen. Communication is the new COBOL, but unlike that baseline computer programming language, it will never go out of style in IT. The days of hiding behind your computer are over. Today, IT professionals sit at the head of the table and the top of their field. Collaboration in IT is critical. It’s your communication skills that will help you improve your position in your company while it helps you build better products.

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