Blackstone Talent Group Digitizes Core Operations


Blackstone Executes its Own Digital Transformation to “Practice what it Preaches” and Increase Operational Efficiency in Serving Clients

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Blackstone Technology Group, a technology services and solutions firm, is pleased to announce its Talent Group division’s digitization of core office operational processes – across front, middle and back office – to help better serve its clients and staff for the next decade. Blackstone Talent Group, a division of Blackstone, specializes in providing clients the best talent in the industry and serves commercial, government and non-profit clients across the U.S.

Blackstone Talent Group serves clients across the human capital lifecycle with traditional contract, permanent placement and end-to-end managed resource services. As part of its own digital transformation journey, Blackstone Talent recently digitized its core business processes across the front, middle and back office. The results have been impressive, allowing Blackstone to be better in sync with its fast-paced client demand, be more efficient in its consultant onboarding, and better monitor progress of all of its on-going professional delivery underway at many clients across the country.

“Day in and day out, we talk to clients about the value of digital transformation,” says Ken Hans, CEO of Blackstone Talent Group, “which led us to look inward and challenge our own status quo in the same way by asking questions such as: ‘Where are our bottlenecks in our own processes?’ and ‘How can we streamline this to make it quicker, more accurate, and easier to manage?’ From that we identified some areas where operational efficiency could be gained and set out to address them through digitization.”

Blackstone now has more accurate and timely front office business forecasting, enhanced visibility into its active contracts, and end-to-end electronic document processing for its consultants.

“It started small, with removing fax numbers from our business cards. But then quickly grew to more strategic areas such as moving sales and transaction data from spreadsheets to be managed directly in our systems, and moving from paper to electronic document onboarding for all our personnel who go to work for our clients. This digital transformation is setting us up to be able to manage our clients and our talented professionals more efficiently than ever before,” says Hari Vijay, Senior Vice President of Operations of Blackstone Talent.

About Blackstone Technology Group

Blackstone Technology Group is a privately-held, global IT services and solutions firm founded in 1998 and headquartered in San Francisco, California with additional offices in Washington DC, Denver, Colorado Springs and Houston, TX. Familiar with disruptive technologies emerging from Silicon Valley, Blackstone helps clients adapt to the demands of a digital world. Our focus is on the areas of Cloud, Cyber, Mobile, Web, Big Data Analytics, Digital Integration and DevOps. Blackstone has garnered an impressive track record of delivering successful results to a client list that includes Fortune 100 businesses and the US Federal Government.

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