Top Paying/Growing IT Jobs in 2021

The tech industry shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, there is a forecasted shortage of data engineers, programmers, and other types of technologists in the coming years. Thousands of IT jobs will likely go unfilled simply because there aren’t enough trained IT experts to fill them.

So, what are the hot jobs for 2021? Which credentials will get you notices and give you a high paying, long-term career?

Hot Tech Jobs in 2021

We’ve picked out the hot IT jobs for next year, characterized as being highly in demand and offering employment growth as well as excellent salary and benefits. Here are some of the top jobs for next year:

Data Scientist

Data Scientists will remain a hot commodity next year. If you have the experience, these professional positions can pull in over six-figures in income. Data scientists focus on cleaning data and using sophisticated tools to spot trends. Then they make the data actionable by creating visualizations that help others understand what the numbers are showing.

Information Security

Information Security shouldn’t be a surprise; ransomware and other malfeasance increased as quickly as the COVID virus this year. Organizations will continue to hire these professionals because their very networks are at risk. These professionals use several strategies to ensure the security of corporate IT networks and the data that flows in and out of these organizations. Skilled IT security experts are highly in demand, earning six figures and experiencing some very positive job growth in the future.


Programmers still make the world run, so they will be in high demand next year no matter how the economy fluctuates. Whether it’s app developers or legacy platform engineers, programmers have their hand in just about everything you touch every day. Many of these jobs pay into the six figures, depending on the programmer’s skill and IT stack. As a result, many junior programmer bootcamps have sprung up, so while these youthful professionals don’t have the experience, they will help fill the seats on the bus you’ll need in your IT department down the road.

DevOps Engineers

DevOps Engineers are a subset of programming that focuses on software production. Their job is to oversee the smooth release of software iteration and make sure everything works as it should before it reaches the end-user. These are six-figure jobs, and they are growing in popularity as organizations switch their internal emphasis to include a DevOps framework.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineers may be few and far between, but expect to see this subset of IT continue to grow. Machine learning and natural language processing, two base elements that make up the field of AI, are being worked into almost every type of program and application. These professionals also make the big bucks, but the reality is that these types of algorithms will continue to impact every type of digital solution in the future. That’s why organizations should also consider reskilling their existing workforce to incorporate skills in these areas.

All of these roles will be popular next year and many will even offer remote options or flexible scheduling. The team at Blackstone Talent Group works with these types of industry professionals every day. If you are a company searching for this type of talent, call us. If you’re an IT candidate seeking your next adventure, we can help you reach your goals.

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