Important Skills for Software Developers

There are two types of skills developers need today and both are equally important. The first is hard skills, those language-specific qualifications that make the developer proficient in his or her chosen language. The second is the softer skills that help with communication and collaboration, two areas that are particularly important to software development these days. This article will look at both areas and share which skills are most in-demand.

Best Developer Hard Skills

Technology hasn’t slowed its evolution and it isn’t expected to anytime soon. This means the types of languages and frameworks you learn should always evolve with what’s hot in the marketplace. With that said, several languages remain ever-popular this year—so much so that they should carry over into 2021. Here are some of the top developer languages right now:

  • Angular is a JavaScript-focuses open-source front-end framework.
  • Amazon AWS certifies your ability to work in the cloud.
  • CompTIA certifications remain important if you work on hardware infrastructures or security.
  • Django is a Python-centric open-source web framework.
  • Docker is a DevOps tool that allows containerization.
  • Python is a language focused on infrastructure management and data analytics.
  • React for the web is a JavaScript library that builds user interfaces.

Some of the hottest areas in software engineering today include cloud computing, big data, and cybersecurity. Machine learning and AI is also hot, along with virtualization. Look closely into these areas to keep your skills in-demand.

It’s hard to know how to build your stack properly to earn a new job or break into the field of software engineering. These are all consistently good tools to add to your CV. But what skills do you need to work within a software team? What soft skills are important to developers today?


Best Developer Soft Skills

Half of business leaders say a developer’s soft skills are just as important as hard knowledge. Hiring managers look for communication skills and the ability and eagerness to learn as much as they do the hard skills that encompass technical knowledge. How a developer solves a technical problem is just as important as conflict management within their team.

During an interview, developers need to exhibit the following soft skills to make themselves stand out from the crowd:

  • The ability to communicate with inter-departmental stakeholders and customers
  • Continuous learning should be a part of your philosophy
  • Handling critical feedback positively and constructively
  • Patience and a sense of humor
  • Exhibits courtesy and a humble attitude

Today’s software development frameworks center on a team approach. The old days that allowed developers with high hard skills to lack communication or collaboration skills are simply over. That’s why, if you’re a software developer today, you must hone your attitude and approach as much as you build expertise in your stack.

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