Why You Can’t Find the Right Cleared Candidate

The truth is that finding the right cleared candidate is much harder than finding one with non-government security clearance. Finding a good IT tech candidate is difficult enough, but now add on security clearance requirements, and your search process becomes nearly impossible. Fortunately, Blackstone Talent Group has some experience in this area and can help you in your search.

Understanding the Nuances of Government Clearance Talent Searches 

Clearance recruiting has a bad reputation. That’s because it’s on the toughest recruiting niches to fill with qualified talent. One of the big issues we’ve witnessed firsthand is that the talent pool of cleared talent is small enough, but it makes it almost impossible to find the right fit when you add in technical specifications. On top of everything else, you’ll have to make sure they are a cultural fit.  

Security clearance isn’t like any other type of job requirement you’ll try to fill, either. The clearance designations are rigid—there is no leeway whatsoever. While the majority of the candidates you’ll find with security clearance have specialized technical training, there are also candidates out there with skills ranging from custodians to the c-suite. Some trades are as hard to fill as IT when you add in the security clearance requirement. 

But with diligent and consistent effort, you can build networks with these workers. Building a talent pipeline of clearance workers takes time. It’s a constant process of engaging with job seekers with these specialized clearances and it’s not something you can do overnight.

Some of the resources for employers include: 

Work with a Recruiter

Recruiters, especially ones who specialize in filling roles with government clearance, may find the best candidates before they even start looking for a job. Not only do recruiters have access to more potential candidates, but they are also more experienced in filtering out top candidates, saving companies time and money.   

Hire a Veteran 

We also recommend actively searching for military personnel. We know that veterans bring skills and characteristics to the workplace that few workers possess, and some have a high-level security clearance that they can bring to a job. 

Make the Candidates Come to You  

Create a place top-talent would like to work. Company culture is more important than ever and if employees don’t like their work environment, they have no problem moving on to the next position. By maintaining a strong company culture, top talent may start to seek you out. 

Sponsor a Candidate 

Finally, if you can’t find the right candidate with the right clearance, make one. Although it costs more in the short-term, having to sponsor a candidate for a security clearance, knowing you have the right person on your team can save you money in the long run as bad hires can cost your company thousands 

The reason you can’t find the right cleared candidates is that the most effective recruiters maintain long-term relationships with all of their networks, but especially security clearance networks. Being tenacious and having good follow-through helps the Blackstone Talent Group team stay in touch with top clearance talent. We remain one of the best resources to help you find top talent. Contact us today.

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