Using an Uncertain Job Market to Your Advantage as an IT Candidate

Up until the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a candidate’s market out there.  That’s still true for many technology candidatesKorn Ferry says that by 2030 there will be 85 million jobs that could go unfilled. It’s tough to know the long-range impact of the pandemic on the long-term economy and the job market, but in the technology sector, workers are still in demand and it’s possible that the U.S. will miss out on about $162 billion in revenue annually unless if the shortage of  IT workers continues. 

The good news? If you have technical training and skills, there are plenty of opportunities out there for you.

Here are some tips on how to take advantage of the current market. 

Leverage Your Skills 

For technology professionals, your skills are highly in demand. Now might be the time to take advantage and leverage your expertise by exploring new industries. You would be hard-pressed to find a sector that doesn’t need IT professionals, but right now, some are booming while others slump. The healthcare sector is facing high demand right now, from hospitals to medical device manufacturers. Pay attention to the news to learn which essential businesses may be facing a shortage of technology talent and set your sites there. 

Ask for More Responsibility 

Advancing in your career means stepping up and asking for more responsibility. Programmers may evolve into team leaders, and project managers may take on bigger or higher visibility tasks. It’s a good time to step it up while adding valuable resume skills. Take the time to look around you for the holes in your organization, and then think about how you can help your team.  

Many workers who have shifted to remote work are finding they have more time in their schedules, while others scramble to get anything accomplished while dealing with illness, uncertainty and lack of childcare. If you have the bandwidth, step up and volunteer to ease the burden of those who may be struggling to keep up. 

Ask for Additional Training 

Will your organization invest in additional training that could help you evolve into a new position? Could additional certifications allow you to help the team? Organizations want to retain their technology teams whenever possible. That means it might be a good time for you to leverage an educational benefit if your company has one. If you’ve got the time, this is the perfect opportunity to make yourself more marketable. 

Look for a New Job 

The demand for tech pros means that it might be the right time to consider a job search. Many IT workers would prefer to stay in their current job to taking on a job search. However, if you’re feeling stuck working on a legacy platform and feel like you need new skills, now is the time to consider a change. Consider the viability of your current industry and your company’s response to the crisis. You may be reluctant to make an immediate move, but polishing your resume and identifying any skills gaps is a smart use of your time at home. 

IT Professional? You Have Options 

If you’re an IT professional, you have more clout that most in these uncertain times. Employers are relying on technology more than ever through this pandemic, so there is no shortage of opportunity if you know where to look. If you’runcertain how to handle this search on your own, perhaps you need the help of a professional. Blackstone is an expert at selling your skills to employers. We can help you identify employers with demand for IT professionals to get you a great job with the salary and benefits you deserve. Call on us. 

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