Why Hiring Veterans is Great for Business

Most Americans are aware of the gift of service our military service personnel, and their families make. There is an element of giving back to the community and the country that comes with active military duty. But what happens to these vets when they leave the service? What opportunities can you give veterans that will help them succeed in the workplace? Veterans bring top-notch skills and attitudes to the American workforce after their service is over. Here’s how your company can benefit from hiring a veteran. 

Why Veterans Are Some of the Best Employees 

Hiring veterans makes sense for most businesses. These professionals have received extensive training in their military specialization. But there is nothing quite like the leadership skills a military veteran brings to the table.  

Most veterans have at least some professional training, and many are college-educated. They are familiar with working under intense pressure and know how to communicate and collaborate with teams. In addition to their formal specializations, what are some of the soft and more intangible skills veterans offer your business? 

    • Self-discipline 
    • Work ethic 
    • Teamwork 
    • Communication 
    • Collaboration 
    • Perseverance 
    • Follow-through 
    • Maturity 

Veterans are trained to work efficiently within an organizational hierarchy or structure. They’ve been through mental and physical training that is intense, and come out the other side stronger as a result. They know how to work within a team under tight deadlines and very intense pressure. Some of them have even experienced the stressors of combat. 

Many veterans received extensive training in the most sought-after skills such as medicine or technology. Some have high-level security clearance that they can bring to a job. Certainly, these professionals can follow orders, but they are also trained to use the tools around them in resourceful ways to complete the mission or assignment. 

Why Hiring a Veteran is Good for Your Business 

Hiring a military veteran can help your business with compliance. Veterans are demographically a diverse group that includes federally designated minority categories like African-American, Hispanic, and women. Federal contractors take note; contract compliance typically requires documentation of your steps to hire within these categories. This makes hiring a vet an easy way to hit all the compliance touchpoints required by law. 

Hiring veterans may allow you a lower cost per hire. If you’re looking for talent fast, the veteran pool is both broad and deep, allowing you access to qualified candidates when your standard channels have dried up. But veterans also have a shorter learning curve for new roles because they learned how to adapt quickly to different situations and keep pushing forward. 

There are also public relations benefits related to hiring a military veteran. Hiring a vet shows that your company does not just pay lip service to support our troops; you are willing to invest in them to help you with your business. This can help your hiring and recruiting efforts in ways that will help you attract top talent.  

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While hiring veterans is simply the right thing to do, your company can also benefit in myriad ways. Talk to Blackstone today about our available talent to help your hiring team reach their goals. 

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