5 Reasons Why Recruiters Can Boost Your Job Search

Recruiters are a job-seekers best resource. We’re not sharing this because we’re in the staffing business, either. Landing the right job is a game of numbers, and the numbers show that 80% of jobs are not posted online. In addition to connecting you with jobs before they hit the market, how can recruiters help your job search?

Recruiters Save You Time

Searching job boards and sending applications is time-consuming. This method of job searching is like throwing a resume down a bottomless well; it’s likely that you won’t hear back from the company or if you do, you won’t be invited to interview. One call to a recruiter can connect you with jobs and place your resume in a hiring database where other talent scouts can find you. It’s a free service that could boost your job search and set you up for success.

Recruiters Connect You with a Network

Recruiters are professional networkers and are likely to know a lot about the market and the various employers within it. Using recruiters networking connections will help you improve your job-seeking experience and increase the chances that you’ll land a solid employment lead.

Recruiters Go To Bat for Their Candidates

Recruiters can give you insider information on the culture, hiring process, and the teams you’ll meet during the interview process. Recruiters can provide you with resume advice, interview techniques, and provide you with feedback that will help you improve your interview skills.

Recruiters Work Hard To Find You a Job

Having a recruiter in your corner is the best way to increase your efforts toward finding a job. Recruiting professionals work each day to find the right employers for candidates. They want to help you find a job and they have skin in the game for making sure it’s a good fit – the recruiter won’t be paid if you leave the position. Recruiters are highly competitive when it comes to placing candidates and they will work hard on your behalf.

Recruiters Will Extend Your Reach

Having a recruiter on your side will help you reach more employers and will increase the chances that you get an interview. If you have specialized skills, even better a recruiter can match you with the employer that can put them to work. The best recruiters can serve as a kind of job coach, helping you prepare for an interview, provide you with feedback, and even negotiate better pay.

Recruiters Keep Your Information Confidential

If you’re considering a job switch it’s important to know that recruiters understand the importance of confidentiality in your job search. If you post your resume to a job board or set your LinkedIn profile to “open to new opportunities,” it can heighten the chances that your employer will see it. Working with a recruiter will help ensure future employers know you’re searching but that your current employer doesn’t have a clue.

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