Find Your Next Job on Social Media

It would be highly unusual if you didn’t understand the importance of social media today. The nightly news talks about Twitter and most Americans spend time every day on some form of social media, whether it’s the old standby Facebook, Instagram, or something else. But what you might not be aware of is that social media is a great tool for your active job search. Employers use it too for searching out passive job candidates. Here’s how you can find your next job on social media and leverage these tools to find new opportunities in the market.

Why Social Media Is Important To Your Job Search

The first thing to recognize is that employers are looking at your social media presence to determine if they want to hire you. Political posts or inappropriate posts can turn off the hiring process before it ever gets to the interview stage. A hiring manager or recruiter will look at how you communicate, along with profanity usage, political rhetoric, how you spend your time off work, and even your use of drugs and alcohol.

But if you recognize that employers are on social media, and keep your posts appropriate, these tools can also be used to find new job opportunities. Some of the best social media platforms for job hunting include:

  • LinkedIn is by far the top online professional network for job seekers. Recruiters spend hours on these sites looking for candidates. Today the website has more than 500 million members in over 200 countries around the world. Signing up is free and members can link with other professionals, follow businesses, join groups, and apply to jobs.
  • Facebook is a less professional forum, but companies and individuals use it for everything from posting memes to jobs. Users add friends and can message and follow them in their newsfeed. They can also update their profiles and join networks of people in groups. The platform has more than two billion members and is the primary social network around the globe. However, the platform has come under fire lately for failing to keep its members’ information private.
  • Twitter is also a free social messaging platform where users can send out tweets, which are no more than 140-characters long. Like the other platforms, you can add followers and message them with a tweet. The best way to find jobs on Twitter is by following companies. When organizations Tweet out a job opportunity you can follow the link to apply.

Applying to a job via a company careers page or a job board are standard ways to find your next place of employment. But don’t forget about using social media in new ways to ensure you find the right job at the right time. LinkedIn is especially important for putting a professional face out to recruiters in your field.

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