How To Properly (and Effectively) List Security Clearance on Your Resume

Just getting the security clearance was hard enough. Now that you have it, it’s time to flaunt it on your next resume. But listing a security clearance is a little different than just writing down the last few jobs you’ve had. What is the proper way to list your security clearance on a resume when… Read More »

The Easiest Ways to Get Your Security Clearance Denied

If you’ve applied for a security clearance recently you know the reality of the process: It’s easier to get denied than it is to get approved. It’s the secret that a lot of security clearance candidates won’t tell you. This blog will help you understand the most common mistakes we see candidates making. Here’s what… Read More »

Why Finding Cleared Talent is So Difficult

Did you know the number of Americans holding security clearances has dropped by nearly a million since 2013? It’s the perfect storm because the demand for talent with security clearances is at an all-time high and growing every year. Now add in an IT candidate with security clearance and you have a purple unicorn candidate… Read More »

Finding Cleared IT Jobs – Whether or Not You Have Clearance

It’s the chicken or the egg question: Should you seek an IT security clearance before or after you look for a job that requires it? Government agencies and private companies place a high value on these security designations, and the jobs pay well and offer unique challenges for technologists. However, all of them require security… Read More »

Updating Your Resume With Security Clearance

Disclosing your exact security clearance can be tricky. An employer may ask for your security clearance. However, some security clearance designations can be withdrawn if you disclose the wrong details. What should you do?! Here are some tips for how to disclose your security clearance designation without getting you into hot water. Disclosing Your Security… Read More »

What Is the Security Clearance Interview Process Like?

You have a lot riding on your security clearance interview. A new job or a promotion often hinges on securing and maintaining a security interview and the clearance necessary to access a high level of data and client access. Filling out the SF-86 was just the beginning of the security journey, now you’ve been asked to… Read More »

Who Pays for the Clearance Process?

Many IT jobs these days require a security clearance. It can be expensive; each step of the investigation to clear your name is extensive. If you’re considering an IT role that requires a security clearance, this article will help you understand the costs, processes, and who pays.  How Much Does an IT Security Clearance Cost?  A… Read More »