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Why Blue Light Glasses Are Good for Your Eyes

The digital age has given us a lot of great benefits. But one of the things it’s also given most of us is eye strain. This has necessitated a new invention, called blue light glasses. What are they, and why are they helpful in reducing asthenopia (eye strain)? What brands offer the best blue light glasses this year? This blog has all the answers.

Eye Strain and Blue Light Glasses 

Too much time spent in front of a computer screen can give you eye strain. You’ll know it if you have it. Asthenopia, which is the clinical term for eye strain, can cause eye fatigue, red eyes, eye pain, blurred vision, headache, and even double vision. While taking a break and closing your eyes or focusing on something distant can work well, there is another solution to help soothe your tired eyes. 

Blue light blocking glasses have filtered lenses that block the blue light emanating from your computer screen. That’s important because blue light has shown to be detrimental to our vision, but it also potentially disrupts human sleep patterns, keeping you awake. If you use blue light blocking glasses, these rays can be blocked, which helps reduce eye strain and also prevent the light from causing insomnia.  

If you’re considering blue light glasses for the first time, which brand should you choose? We’ve looked at a few of the brands out there, including: 

There are all kinds of blue light glasses to choose from. There are daytime blue light glasses as well, with built-in UV filters to protect your eyes from the sun while reducing computer screen eye strain. There are computer glasses with magnification too, with blue screen protection. If you wear glasses, talk with your eye doctor about the best options for prescription lenses to protect your eyes. 

The team at Blackstone Talent Group has a vested interest in protecting your eyesight so you can do the job you love, comfortably. If you are still looking for the role where you fit comfortably, contact us. We connect top talent with top opportunities. Talk to our team if you’re ready to make a change.

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