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How to Make Sure Your Virtual Meeting Runs Smoothly

Since the pandemic, we’ve learned to adapt to screen-to-screen communications, and it appears that Zoom or other types of virtual meetings are here to stay. However, some virtual meetings are better than others. We’ve all experienced that awkward virtual meeting where people talk over each other, the meeting that starts late and lacks an agenda, or something else that makes attending a virtual meeting more of a necessary evil than just a necessity. Before you start your next meeting, here are some tips for running a virtual meeting more efficiently.

Tips for Effective Virtual Meetings

Some of the rules for good meetings apply to any venue that you’re in:

You’ve heard all this before. But there’s something about the digital venue that makes these rules even more important. Staring at yourself on a screen all day is bound to be a little fatiguing. That means virtual meetings need to be even more engaging than their in-person counterparts. Some good tips for your virtual meeting include:

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