What is Good Company Culture and Why is it So Important?

With so many jobs in IT right now, your tech staff can afford to be picky about the company culture they’re stepping into. But even in times where jobs are scarce, company culture matters. Nearly 50% of employees in all sectors today say that company culture matters when picking a new job; 86% say they’ll avoid your company like the plague if it has a bad reputation. Millennials and those “up and coming” generations all say culture matters. So, what is your company doing to ensure you have the “right” culture for this workforce? What is good company culture, anyway, and why does it matter so much?

Show Me the Culture

Culture is intangible. That doesn’t mean you don’t have it. Even remote work teams interact at the company culture level. Culture is a shared belief system around what is acceptable in the company. What best practices are normalized? How you interact. It’s not about free office perks, which is often how HR teams advertise company culture. Instead, it’s about things like work/life balance, the sense of team camaraderie, and how much drama plagues your daily tasks.

See, we told you it was intangible. What makes a good company culture varies depending on your viewpoint and style. A high-pressure, stressful work environment may spur some IT teams to do their best work. But increasingly, many developers say it’s about work/life balance, especially if they are telecommuting away from the office. So, what would we generally characterize as “good” company culture? Entrepreneur says you can quantify both the positives and negatives of company cultures in this way:

Positive company culture includes:

  • Low turnover
  • Opportunity for job growth/education
  • Transparent, positive leadership
  • Recognition of achievements, both small and large
  • Work/life balance

Negative company cultures:

  • Experience a lot of staff turnover
  • Have a clear professional ceiling for growth
  • Lack of clarity and direction from leadership teams
  • Experience gossipy employee alliances and an ‘us vs. them’ mentality

It’s safe to assume that developers hate drama. If your company is struggling to build the type of culture that attracts more IT talent, this next section will help you address how to build it—so they will come.

Better Culture = If You Build It They Will Come

Building a better culture starts with the employees themselves. Organizations that can create an inclusive culture with a clear mission and values will ultimately be more productive. You’ll retain your workforce longer.
Develop trust within your workforce by transparently sharing the “whys” and not just telling people what to do. Also, train your managers to embody the cultural values you’re trying to create. Why? Because toxic cultures often stem from toxic managers. Teach managers to open the lines of communication with their workforce and don’t be afraid to be transparent with their workforce.

Using a top-down approach towards creating a culture won’t work, either. Instead, engage your employees in the success of the organization by listening to their feedback, creating goals with them and not for them, and then hiring for culture fit. That’s where Blackstone Talent Group can help your business. We specialize in the IT talent that’s increasingly difficult to find. But we don’t just focus on hard skills, but also hire for culture so that each new employee we bring can help you continue to build a better workplace for everyone on your team.

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