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Soft Skills to Look for in Developers

A decade ago, soft skills mattered less in the developer field. Programmers were the “IT guys” managing the basement server room. They were the nerds that would trot out periodically to fix your computer when it failed. Everything has changed now. Far from being the back office support of years past, if you’re a developer, you have a seat at the strategic table because a significant part of all businesses today is tied somehow to digital technology. Software builds are collaborative, which is exactly why the engineers of today need soft skills. But which software skills matter? We have the answer.

Top Developer Soft Skills

Most companies realize that developers need soft skills but there is some debate over which soft skills are the most important. These skills can serve as a baseline for companies searching for developer talent with soft skills:

How can you find developers both with technical hard skills and with ample amounts of these and other soft skills? The answer is to talk to Blackstone Talent Group. Our organization has been building developer pipelines for years and can help you find the right fit. Contact us. We can help.

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