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How to Prepare for Generation Z Entering the Workforce

They’re coming. Most hiring teams recognize the changing of the workforce guard; this year the Millennials have taken over the majority demographic spot in the work world, as Baby Boomers continue their migration toward retirement. But the up-and-coming labor pool to watch is actually Generation Z, and they are making their way to your doorstep much faster than you might realize. Here’s how to prepare for Generation Z’s entry into the applicant work pool. 

Attracting and Retaining Gen Z 

If you feel like you have a handle on recruiting Millennials, you’re not done yet. Get ready for Generation Z, the population born between the mid-1990 to mid-2000. The oldest Gen Z in the workforce is around 23 years old. This year, 36% of the workforce will come from this youthful population. Employers should recognize some of the differences between this population and the generations that have come before them: 

When recruiting Generation Z workers, employers should take the time to revamp their application process to include a more mobile-first approach. Hiring teams should work to create a hiring experience that is fun and efficient. Generation Z will lose patients with outdated application processes and slow time-to-hire. Why should you care? Generation Z will rapidly replace the Millennial population as the dominant labor force. Companies that fail to prepare for this influx of talent will also fail to attract them. 

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