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Is an IT Project Manager Career Right for Me?

Project Managers play a crucial role in guiding technology projects. They have responsibility for bringing large, complicated projects to a close within a set time and under or at an established budget.


This article will help you understand the role of the IT project manager and whether this kind of job is right for you.


Understanding the Role of IT Project Manager

Project managers work with IT departments as well as other functional departments in a company. The day-to-day workload varies by industry but also by the type of project. Some of the tasks typically undertaken include:

Project managers must control the flow of information between stakeholders and those doing the work. These professionals must be highly organized; they may juggle several projects at once or one very large task.


Project managers can be responsible for multi-million dollar undertakings over several years. The pressure and the rewards can be very satisfying, but it takes a certain skill set to pull the job off, especially in IT. What kind of personality and skills does an IT project manager need?


Do You Have The Personality to be an IT Project Manager?

Project managers need to be both introverted and extroverted to do the job. They must be technology-oriented, analytical, and good with numbers. Projects are managed by having facts and data and benchmarks. The project manager must logically track and make decisions based on the data at hand.


On the other hand, a good project manager must also be good with people, to motivate and inspire teams to produce their best work. Above all, they must be extremely detail-oriented or run the risk of falling behind on a project or missing critical signals that the work is falling behind.


Ready to Explore Your Options?

If you think you’re ready to explore a new role as a project manager, talk to the team at Blackstone. We have IT positions for project managers in a variety of organizations. Talk to our team today to explore your options.

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